Monday, March 11, 2013

March 4, 2013

Dear Family,

for starters, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! i hope it is a great one. I was thinking of you this week and how blessed i am to be a member of this family where i have good examples and where my parents are supportive and strong in the gospel. This knowledge has only strengthened my desire to help other families. We talk to many many people who are part of broken homes or homes full of alcohol or drugs or other forms of abuse. Bishop Villatoro this week in sacrament taught that the church is not where we learn the gospel but rather where the gospel and our testimonies are confirmed. The gospel must be taught first in the home. We are working hard toward establishing the habit of family home evenings. We have been doing a lot of family nights lately  but it's a great way to work with families and an opportunity to do missionary work as well where the missionaries simply come, participate and meet the friends and neighbors.  As a district we set the goal and have now fasted that we can establish a ward mission plan then work towards family mission plans. Elder slik is our district leader. He is relatively new in the mission but is a powerful teacher and leader. We are excited to get the whole ward on board with the ward mission plan. We want to make sure every family in the ward has a copy of the plan we make. Right now we have been gathering mission plans from other english wards as examples and we have an appointment with the ward mission leader and the bishop this thursday to finalize everything. I believe strongly in the power of a vision. If we can set a vision of where we want to go then we can work towards that vision. But without the vision we are aimlessly working. Elder Anderson taught me this week that every aspect of the church is missionary work. it points to strengthening the saints, retaining the saints, or finding the prepared. What a blessing it is to be a part of the church of Jesus Christ. I really am willing to do anything and everything the Lord asks. Looking goofy on bikes in skirts really isn't much. I want to give more. Sister Nieto and I are trying to find good sacrifices to make to show our willingness and readiness to follow the spirit. I know that God is aware of our efforts and we are going to keep working so that we are worthy to help God bless those who are here. We again had some really neat street contacts this week. They were referrals but we contacted the friend of a potential. He had a lot of confusion and questions about the temple. This week we've been trying to mention the temple more. People notice the temple and are curious but don't know what to ask or who to ask. When we speak positively and openly of the blessings of the gospel people will automatically feel more comfortable talking about the gospel with us. unfortunately, we have not been able to contact nadia still. We are going to do a little bit of service and see if we can soften their hearts. I know the gospel will only build their happiness. Gabriela's dad passed away this week. It looks like she might be moving to mexico. We are trying hard to help but she's kind of stuck in a slump and pulling away. She didn't come to church like she said she would and i don't think she is reading. I love these people and know they can do it! We are praying for them constantly.  

Also transfers are a week earlier. From what we understand every mission is recieving an addistional 60 missionaries. There are hight chances of me being transferred and high chances that all spanish sisters will be training. We receive 8 spanish sisters this next Wednesday. God's work is moving forward with haste and it will never be stopped! How i love you all!

Sorry this is short but we are running to an appointment to get a bike rack on our car right now. We've been encouraged to spend as much time outside as possible while the weather is good and sister nieto and i are determined to be obedient. 

Love you all!


Hermana Burrup

President Neider,

Another week working. We are working and trying specifically to find more people to teach. We have two new investigators, Martin y Yojira. They have been in the area book for quite a while now. We went to contact them for the last time and to our pleasant surprise they invited us in, committed to come church the next day and we had a neat discussion about families combined with the blessing contact. We got a return appointment and we're excited to keep working with them. Our numbers are not where we want them but we are trying to work forward with optimism and faith. There ARE people to find and people to teach. We are so blessed to be here. Thank you President! Hurrah for Israel

Hermana Burrup