Monday, May 21, 2012

MAY 19

Laurel is in the MTC!  She's loving it, which is what we all expected of her :)  We'll be posting her emails so you friends and family can stay updated on her awesome experiences.  

Quick summary:
Moved to Advanced Spanish (of course!) so she leaves in 3 weeks
Saw her brother Jon who was teaching a workshop
Fire alarm went off first night
Bed bugs, so she washed all her clothes and got a new free dress!
Loves DearElder letters, so keep 'em coming
P-day is on Friday

Here she is at 4am ready to go to the airport!  Beautiful Hermana Misionera!
If you want to read the entire it is!

My wonderful Family!
The first few days have been wonderful! The delayed flight really wasn't a problem just a little inconvenient. I am so glad that i had the chance to see Nicole too! I really have been blessed by my family my entire life and i'm sure my appreciation for you will only increase with my time in the field. Well, to begin, Bro. Black taught my first workshop that was supposed to be with Jon but it all worked out because Jon found me. I'm so glad he did. Several people have already started asking if i'm related to a teacher here. i always answer with a proud "YES!" i also have seen an Elder and Sister Tingey at least 3 times. It is so nice to see familiar faces! My companions are awesome. the first is sister King and she is great! incredibly optimistic, humble, and patient. I love her!  We only had 1 day together because after some testing i AM leaving in 3 weeks! My new mailbox # is 225.  i'm pretty excited about it and i love my new companions as well. Sister Gomez and sister Celis. The 4 of us are in the same room so it worked out perfectly! They powerful missionaries already.  Sister Gomez is a convert and Sister Celis will be serving in my same mission! sister King will be in the DR but we all want to keep in least as much as is reasonable for missionaries. So, a few funny stories to tell from the last few days. For starters, janae, do you remember talking about fire alarms? Well, they evacuated the building the very first night because of the fire alarm. I'm glad i had modest pjs! :) Also, mom, do you remember the bed bugs talk? Well, there were bed bugs in our room! Because of them, we missed over half of our training/teaching yesterday because we had to wash ALL of our clothes on hot hot hot. anything that couldn't be washed on hot (almost everything) had to be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning requires a label on every article so we don't have any clothes right now. It's a but of a bummer except that the branch bought us each a dress and they are really nice. I probably don't need more clothes but you all know me. i never turn down free things especially when i need them!
Also, thank you Steve, Janae, Kirsten, Christian, and Mom (and stephanie chase) for the Dear Elders. It was wonderful to hear from you. christian, you can still get excited to tell me things via letters. I know it's harder and i understand that you are busy but know that i'm praying for you and i hope your game goes/went well. keep me updated for next week!  Steve, thank you for your advice to enjoy the moments. i got that on the frustrating bed bug day so it was perfect timing! Dad and janae, thank you for your letters in the airport. There is nothing better than Dad's advice and Janae's confidence. I love you all!
Well, with my remaining time, i want to share my testimony of the Savior and his role in our life. the Atonement is key to every point of our progression! Without out, we cannot distance ourselves from our sins or sin in general nor can we develop godlike and Christlike characteristics. It is absolutely vital to every day and every moment of our lives if we are fully utilizing His atonement. He is the ultimate example of how we should live our lives. They have told us several times that exact obedience brings miracles. i've been trying hard to be4 worthy of those miracle through my obedience. I'm so grateful for the Savior and His example just as i am grateful for each of your examples! thank you again! i love you all!
Hermana Burrup
ps - Pday is actually friday just not this week because it is the first

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