Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

That girl of ours is so awesome!  She's loving life and already seeing success! For random details and answers to questions, read the family letter.  For specific mission success and investigator details, read the President's letter.  But believe me, they both are good and you should read them both :)

Dear Fun Family of mine!

Thank you for telling me all about your lives! Thank you Allison Mills for the letter and Dad, Jon and Nicole, Janae, and Mom for the emails. Everyday i think, "if i had my own phone and it was allowed, i would call you and tell you this or that!" it happens all the time where i wish i could tell you everything all the time. Don't worry mom: I'll try to fit as much in as i can.  A few of this week's highlights are in my letter to president. We had 3 investigators in church yesterday! Guadalupe is preparing for baptism next month and we are going to invite her husband to prepare for the same date this week. I'm excited. Sister Cedillo was talking to someone else so i had a 5 minute chat with Guadalupe ( we call her lupita :) in the chapel before church. We talked a lot about the spirit and how it feels. She said that she has felt the spirit before she met with missionaries but never such a complete feeling of peace. She is ready and excited! We also met with Martins family again. They really liked our FHE on the atonement so we are doing another one soon on the plan of salvation. They are listening to us because they want to know what martin believes. Martin has the priesthood now and has blessed the sacrament. He is doing great and his sister is very interested as well! Federico is also the best! he has a wife and one kid. We met him at a gas station. He has a catholic background but doesn't believe it is true. He says he will only pray to god...not to saints or mary because that is worshiping idols to him. He discovered that for himself! He has lots of questions. I can't wait to talk to him too! It was a great week but this week will be even better! I have already noticed that i can understand the spanish a little better. I know it hasn't been long but i think the Lord is blessing me. This last week i felt at home in the branch. It was wonderful. I am only in one spanish branch but like i mentioned last week. it is a huge area! there are about 60 members. 75 is a ward. Sister Neider taught us last week that we aren't shooting to be a ward just to be a ward but to bring God's blessings to more of His children. The purpose is so simple and clear! it reminds me a lot of what President Meyers told me. Everything all goes back to a loving Father that desire for His children to come Home. What a neat idea and it's everywhere! 

Well, in response to your emails. Jon and Nicole, I'm so glad you still go on dates and fun ones too! Wait to use those chacos and thanks for telling me about it. I'm a missionary but i'm always glad to see good marriages. good marriages are especially harder to come by in Vegas. My mission president talks about his wife ALL the time. It's cute and totally appropriate but it is nice to see good examples! Jon, i'll be sure to include you in my prayers for your job! Dad, i'm glad you had a good father's day and that you got my gift. I hope you know how important you are to me. I thought of you lots yesterday! :) Also, i got a dearelder in the MTC from grandpa burrup. i hope his health is well. I love my dad and my grandparents! i've been so so blessed! It is hot here but it's not that bad at all. the highest was probably around 110. believe it or not, i think my legs aren't as white. I never knew my legs could tan :) I'm glad Janae and Steve are in AZ. maybe i'll get the chance to serve in arizona later on. As for the pictures, Janae. They aren't only allowed but encouraged! it was a lot of fun to see pictures. Thank you. My Companion is from Mexico originally but her family lives in SLC now. She reminds me a lot of jon. She teaches with boldness and logic and it is simply powerful. she had training this week so joined two other companionships each for a day. I had a great time but i was relieved to be back with sister cedillo. She laughs at dumb things with me so we get along. She is a convert of about 6 years. Her brother is coming to the West mission next month. pretty crazy.

Well, thank you again for your prayers! i love you each and my evening prayers might be long but i do pray for you as well! Thank you for your support and examples!

Hoorah for Israel

Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

You asked me at the Spanish conference if i was still feeling great about things. I honestly don't remember how i responded but if anything this week has only increased my desire to work! we contacted someone about a week and a half ago. we didn't realize at first but it became clear pretty quick that he had been drinking. His name is Gilberto. he gave us his address but he wasn't home when we passed by. We found him this week but really only had the chance to invite him to church and he actually came yesterday. maybe i'm overly excited because it is my first investigator at church but I have never been so happy to see someone at church! it surprised both of us! He said that there were a lot of things and people giving him reasons not to come but he knew he didn't to come and he did. We have our first appointment with him next week. Once again, the Lord answers our prayers!

We had another neat experience with a man named Hector. An appointment fell through but he was on the same street. I honestly did't know why because he doesn't live in that area and he wasn't doing anything but there is a reason and it's the gospel! He didn't know his address but had it written down so we copied it into our planners. Unfortunately the address was wrong. we tried to find his house but couldn't find it. We had already checked two apt. complexes. We decided to say a prayer. Sister Cedillo said that as soon as i started the prayer, she knew where he lived because she had seen his motorcycle while proselyting before. Sure enough, we found his apt and he was there. I know it was an answer to our prayers and i'm sure his prayers as well. We are excited to teach him this week!

I don't what this to be too long but the week was full of positive experiences with families that are prepared for the gospel! i'm looking forward to this upcoming week! I still feel unprepared to teach these lesson but especially in spanish. I can practice them and it goes alright but i get nervous because I know that this is more than a happy way of dealing with our beliefs. It is all a reality. God lives....right now! and so does His son who is the savior of the world. What a blessing it is to know and feel that time and time again. I do have a testimony, President! Thank you for you and your wife's example of living the gospel! I loved hearing from both of you at the training this week! Hoorah for Israel!

Hermana Burrup

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