Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 2, 2012

Laurel leaves on Wednesday for Las Vegas!  She's ready and excited to get there.

Here's her letter, she's such a cute girl!

Dear Family,
I wish i could email every single day because there is so much good news to tell each of you. I want so bad to maintain a positive relationship with every one of you. One of my greatest fears before leaving is that i would not be able to find ways to show each of you how important you are to me when i only have 30 minutes online and limited time to write as well. I do have faith, however that the Lord will bless me with the ability to show you personally and individually that you are each important to me. in-laws don't exist. i love all of my brothers and sisters and i have learned priceless truths from you. Thank you for all that you do and are. it inspires me to become better than ever before!
I saw Jon this week! I'm a little bummed to leave the MTC based on the fact that i will lose my only face to face contact with my family but it will be ok. right after talking to Jon i ranted to my distric for 5 minutes about how great Jon is and how glad i am that i get to see him. It was funny because right after that, another elder looked at me and simply said "you get way too excited to see your brother. That's not very normal" it was funny but it made me realize once again that i have been so so blessed by you! Jon i love you! i'm excited to see you one last time before i go! Thanks for being great!
We taught Hely again! it was such a neat experience! I love that woman! Her husband committed to be baptised due to 2 of the best elders in our district and maybe the mtc. Elder Calzada and Elder Mojika. Hely recieved a blessing right after we left and we talked about the healing power of the atonement. she said it touched her heart so we shared with her the scripture in Galatians about the fruits of the spirit. We told her that we didn't just say nice words that made her feel good but that she had felt the spirit. It was wonderful!
Yesterday we had in-field orientation. It was a very positive experience. It was all day and a good portion of it was review but the spirit was present and i was really impressed by the number of missionaries that go out every single week! i want to, as we have been encouraged, to be a part of the greatest missionary force the world has ever known! The need is great for the gospel but even greater are the blessing that the Lord has if each of us utilize the gospel! I'm so blessed to be a part of this work!
So, i wasn't sure if my President Neider knew i was coming next week or if he was actually expecting me in another 6 weeks. I talked to some people and they called president Neider. Basically, President Neider said that he was aware that i was coming and very excited to have another spanish sister that can drive. I walked away from it feeling great! I'm so so excited to finally meet him! I'll tell you all about it, i'm sure!
Mom, i did get your dear elder about the tithing. i just got it after i emailed. don't worry, the mail does get to me everyday! :) No rush on the package but if you send it soon, could you send my black flats? Thanks!  Also, Janae, Congrats on the photo contest. You never know so you always try, right!? you should send me the picture because i'd love to see it!  Another random thing: Christian, an elder in my district has pointed lappells (?sp) and i think of you lots whenever he wears that suit coat. it makes me smile. christian, I'm sorry the whole basketball decision has been a little rough but i'm also glad you have some good experiences with it. It teaches hard work but being here in the mission field has also opened my eyes to how incredible important it is to prepare to be a missionary. You can call me ridiculous because i am but i may have already bought your birthday president. I'm only 5 months early :) it just proves how much i think of you and how much i love you and how excited i am for you to serve. I already have planned what i want to say in your card too. Christian, you're the best and you are going to be an incredible missionary IF you continue to prepare and do things NOW! I love you and can't wait for you!
One last thing: i fly out on Wednesday morning. I will have the chance to call you briefly. I'm excited to talk to you. i will call mom's cell phone. I'm not sure what time i will be calling. I think i fly out at 8:30 but that might be when i leave the mtc. there has been some confusion. Either way, i will call as soon as i get to the airport. It might be pretty early WA time but i'd love to call before Christian and Dad. leave. I love you all! Sorry the email is a bit random. i just wanted to tell you about so so many things!
Thank you Mom, Beks, Elder Jordan Tingey, Janae, Christian, Dad, Nicole, and Kirsten for the letters, emails, and dearelders.
Horrah for Israel!
Hermana Burrup
ps- Kirsten and janae, thanks for the funny stories about the nephews. I love love love the fun stories!

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