Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

This girl is powerful.  We are so grateful for the blessings our family has received from her diligent Christlike service.  She is truly blessing the lives of so many families.

My great great family,

Another great week! Transfers are next tuesday and i'm already close to tears because i will likely be transfered out of this area. I love it hear and i don't want to leave but i also know that i will likely have the opportunity to come back for a baptism....hopefully a few :) If anyone can help people get there, it's sister Oyanedel. Sister Oyanedel loves to work hard. Our new thing is to "walk with purpose." Frankly, we do have a purpose and we are not just on a thing called a mission, we have a mission, we have goals, and we are going to fulfill our purpose in one way or another. :) I love being here with Sister Oyanedel. She's very dedicated to the Lord and is so so inspired in the way that she teaches. She teaches simply but so personally. Someday i will be more like her. Well, this last week was a good one. We taught the restoration to a family of 7! Not everyone was there but the mom, Irma was definitely listening carefully. This week we had the beautiful opportunity to hear several of our investigators pray for the first time. There are few things that can make me as happy as hearing the sincere prayers of God's children pleading for understanding, pleading for help in their marriage, pleading for the health of family members, and even pleading that we might successfully help others come to truth as well. I love hearing their prayers! This week we met with an investigator named Raquel. She has a testimony the gospel but cannot be baptized without quitting her job. She told us she feels like superman. At first i was so confused but then she explained. She's living 2 lives because she hasn't quit her job but has desire to change. Please pray for her. I'm afraid we may need to drop her this week. We only stopped by to make an appointment with her and she just asked us to please please pray with her. We of course did offer a prayer with her but my heart was simply troubled and hurt to see her smothered in make-up, in a small little dress...we almost couldn't tell it was her anymore. She is obviously lost in the world of temptation, confused by her desire to be accepted and loved, and absolutely unaware of the seriousness of her decision nor the true worth and potential she has. I hope she musteres even a little faith to keep trying. She has asked us to give up on her before. Anyway, We also heard a women pray this week that her husband would have clean thought. When we hear the prayers of others, we recieve a glimpse into their deepest feelings, fears, worries, and joys. I'm so glad i get to hear the prayers of many and offer numberless prayers for them as well. I noticed last week that my knees really are beginning to callus from kneeling and my middle finger on my right hand is also developing a callus from knocking on doors. It surprised me to be honest. I also thought people were joking when they said that but it really happens! :) I don't mind if the callus on my finger fades after my mission but i never want my knees to change! Prayer not only invites the spirit but helps us understand the spirit in our efforts to change to what the Lord needs and wants from us. How i love the gospel and how i love the Lord! 

Thank you for your support family. I truly have been eternally blessed by your examples! Mike and Kirsten, Congrats on the baby! i'm so excited for you!  Christian, what is going on with your mission papers? when are they going in? when is your availability date? when will you know? how can i help? you will tell me, right!?  

I love you all! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana burrup

She got to visit her cousin Cyntha and family who live in Las Vegas.  Awesome, right?

Dear President Neider,

We are so excited for this week! There are so many good things happening. We are excited to learn from Elder Ellis on Tuesday and Wednesday, to invite investigators to a branch activity on friday, and see Sister Caballero's baptism on Saturday. This is going to be a good week! Well, this last week was also a good week. Sister Oyanedel is so grateful that she was able to take care of everything. She has been praying and fasting for this opportunity for many many years. So thank you President for helping everything be possible for her. I loved the opportunity i had to be with Hermana Medina for a day. She taught me how to mention the restoration in street contacts and how to teach the Plan of Salvation more simply.  This week we also have seen miracles! We have two new investigators who finally decided to call the number on the card. One recieved the card 2 months ago and the other 3 years ago. How the Lord leads the prepared to the missionaries and the missionaries to the prepared. Thank you again President for your example and for the work you put into this mission! Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Burrup

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