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November 19, 2012

Nov 19

Dear Dear Family!

Sister Caballero's baptism was beautiful! She said she wasn't nervous before just excited. Martin didn't end up baptizing her. I was a little bummed that he didn't baptize her but Sister Caballero said she wanted someone a little bigger to do the baptism. Probably ended up being a good thing because the water was surprisingly low. But it worked out! :) Martin said that he was happier than she was. There were a few tears and everyone could tell that it was a special moment for the whole family. Even those who aren't members were happy. Eva, Martin's sister-in-law mentioned that she wants to be baptized soon as well. We've been working with the whole family but it's been a little bit of a hit or miss game to know who will be in the lessons. I think Eva and her husband Miguel are progressing a lot too. They have been reading the book of Mormon which makes all the difference! Sister Oyanedel, Sister Holland, and I did a special musical number at the baptism as well. There were tender mercies all over the place. The pianist canceled but a sister from the ward showed up literally 5 minutes before the musical number. Phew! The font and the changing rooms were locked until about 10 minutes before the baptism which only worked out because there was a dodgeball tournament in the gym during the baptism. Funny little things that can really scare you but the Lord helped us a lot! At the end of the baptism martin said the prayer and even asked for a blessing for "all the people that are here that aren't baptized yet but will but don't know it yet." The funny thing is that he said it in all seriousness. Nobody laughed because he was sincere. martin and his mom have built their faith and acted and the family can see the difference! Either way, it was beautiful all together. We also visited a less active family, the Lopez this week. They came to church as well. Being inactive for almost 20 years and reactivating takes a lot of faith. They are a very special family to me as well. We've been very blunt with them and they are making the changes. they stopped drinking coffee and stopped buying quesadillas and playing soccer on sundays. They are reading the Book of Mormon and saying prayers.  I told them that if i get transfered i will be calling sister Oyanedel to make sure they are still going to church. They laughed a good laugh with that one. They think i was joking.

Well, now for the news: i am being transferred to the sunrise zone to serve in los feliz. I think it's a ward instead a branch so a little bit bigger. I will be serving with Sister Holland. We are both very much white and blonde and i'm a tad nervous about the fact that we are both learning spanish but the Lord will help us! i know it! At first i was thinking that the whole situation is bitter sweet but i changed my mind. Just sweet because  it's what the Lord wants. I'll see the Caballero, The Lopez, The other Lopez, the Murray, President Rincon, Sister oyanedel again. It will be ok :) I just get to meet more people and try to contribute what i have to the Los Feliz ward! I'm excited and i love the Lord's work. God doesn't change, just me. And i am trying so so hard to change. No matter how gradual it feels, i know that i need it. More christ-like however small the change and however long it takes me doesn't matter. But i am changing and i'm not going to stop! 

I love you all very much! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER AND AUSTIN! keep smiling and know that i'm grateful for you on thanksgiving and everyday! Dad, play extra hard with Christian and Nate for me. Mom, do lots of pillow talk with Nae for me, and Christian ask steve some hard questions for me. (side-note but one of my favorite memories with steve was asking nerd question that i've always wondered and he knew all the answers. thanks steve! :) 

Peace and Blessings! :)

Sister Burrup

sister caballero teaching me how to make homemade tortillas

all the sisters involved in teaching the caballero family

the special special caballero family. martin is on the far right.

Familia Murray - great cook and we love them

lopez family that is reactivating

President Neider,

This week was perhaps one of the very happiest! This last Saturday, Sister Caballero followed the example of Jesus Christ and her son, Martin in her decision to be baptized. It was a beautiful baptism and her excitement was evident in the number of family members at the baptism and at church. In our gospel principles class yesterday we had 25 people there. For our little branch, that was a huge deal! We are excited for her and her family. What a special weekend. I am sad to be leaving but i know Sister Oyanedel and Sister Despain will be blessed with many miracles here specifically with the Caballero family. At the baptism Martin said that he was happier than even his mom and She was very happy. Martin is 20 years old and preparing for a mission.   I really love their family and many others here. I'm thankful for the time the Lord has allowed me to be here. I am also grateful for the opportunity to serve in Sunrise. If the ward is called los feliz then it must be a great place to be. Thank you President for your example and support. Thank you for being in tune and inspired by the spirit. We love you and your wife very much!

Love and Prayers Both

Sister Burrup

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