Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 10, 2012

Dec 10

My fantastic Family,

It's already the end of the year! there is a lot going on her. thank you for helping me and my companion feel loved and supported. I read a lot of your comments to her. especially those written to her. we both appreciate them. :) We recieved the Where's waldo package. Thank you! I said, "Sister holland, we got a package" then she said, "whatever, YOU got a package." so when i opened it and there was 2 of everything even with her name on it....she was really surprised and smiled big. My companion is beautiful with a gorgeous smile but i don't think she knows it. So thanks for helping her be happy this time of year! Also, thanks for helping out with the other missionary. Anyone getting a package or mail for you is way too blessed; maybe even spoiled! 

Well, to answer some questions, the worksheets for 7-8 year old children would be really useful. We just started teaching the son of an inactive member. It's fun to teach in english and to a little boy. His name is Isai. When he prays, he prays for planets, not to have bad dreams, his clothing.....EVERYTHING! i couldn't help think about your class, mom. But those worksheets would be nice. We are going to reteach the lessons to his mom as well. we're excited to work with their family because they have been active for a long time. In response to Kirsten, great job working with the members in your ward! I want to be so much more involved now that i know more about how it works. It's much easier and simpler than i ever knew before! One way to help turn little missionary moments into more is simple sincere follow-ups. So your preshool teacher experience, it's so easy to just go back and say, " hey, i was thinking about our conversation and i couldn't help think that you'd be interested in visiting this website. (hand them a card) It has a lot of videos about families that relate to your situation. will you check it out?"  wait a little while then follow up again. "Did you look at the website? I love that website! what did you think?....oh and do you want to be baptized!?"  oops, maybe not the last line but it's really simple and we don't have to be afraid. The worst is a no but we do our part confidently and faithly! maybe that will help out Kirsty. Thanks for being an example! Dad, Sister Holland liked your email. Thanks for writing to the two of us! I hope you liked your package. kind of goofy but hopefully a small flashback. How is your calling? I bet it's working you hard but we wouldn't have it any other way would we. :) Jon and nicole, thanks for the letter too!

Ok, the good missionary work in Sunrise. The Rosas have been really busy and we haven't been able to get an appt. I hope they aren't getting cold. BUT we have 2 new investigators. We are really trying to focus on teaching couples not individuals. It is amazing what service can do to open people's hearts. The Assistants once told us to bold in our commitments but also bold in the promises and i loved it. We can be bold in the promises we extend! When we first establish love then they don't feel like we are ratting on them. It's boldness motivated by love. I love this work and we can boldly testify and promise  that God's blessings will be poured out upon them because guess what!? They will. I love that our simple faith gives us confidence in the promises of the Lord.  I am trying to build my faith and worthiness for his blessings. Take care and thank you for your prayers! I think of you and prya for you often!

tell Ethan Widby to be excited. Don't worry about being stateside. It's such a blessing to be in this mission. When is he coming?

love always 

Sister Burrup

ps, mom - YMLU- Your missionary love you :)

Dear President Neider,

What a great time to be a missionary! There are so many missionary tools this season. Concerts, DVDs, parties, caroling, and all the other normal tools as well! I love smiling at people because it surprises them. But honestly, I'm so so happy!  Los Feliz is incredible ward and very involved in the work. They are doing a special program for investigators at the christmas party. We're excited to invite the investigators and also meet potential/future investigators. Sister Holland and I had another good talk about obedience today and the Zone Leaders asked us to talk about obedience at our zone meeting tomorrow. I think it will be really good for us both of us. Sister Holland really is a great sister even with a few struggles. I'm trying to make sure she feels that i love her so that we can still talk openly and honestly. I know that she needs it. My parents are trying to be supportive of her as well. President, I appreciate your counsel and optimism. You and your wife are great examples!


Sister Burrup

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