Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 3, 2012

Dec 3

My dear dear family

The Christmas devotional was so so good! I love the talk about giving and recieving cheerfully. It made me think of Haleigh Thrall. I miss their family. They were always such a giving family. Maybe someday  I can give them something really special to me: the gospel. I hope they are doing well. Will you take them Christmas treats for me :) So are you already starting to celebrate and decorate for Christmas? or are you just getting ready for Dad's birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! i hope it is a fabulous one! Thanks for being a fun dad! I'm so glad you know how to enjoy life and have fun even with crazy scattered children. All the sentimental mushy stuff i love about you i saved for what's coming in the mail. wink wink** Either way, thanks for being the best.

 I loved all the good news this week! Nicole and Jon, I like your haircuts. Nicole your bangs are gorgeous! The only time i had bangs was when i was....really little. they were 80's style, huge and super curled. I like yours much better! :) Janae and Steve, it's a girl!!! I'm so so excited. maybe por fin the dress i bought in mexico a year and a half ago for tanner and austin can actually go to use. Good luck with finals steve, christian, nicole, jon, and mike. everyone has tests!

Well, missionary work in sunrise is exciting. For starters, we got a brand new car! still smells new. It's a 2013 bright blue Chevy cruze. So, no more flat tires or car wrecks like the past. This week we also taught the restoration to the Rosas family. They are a family of 5 investigators. The kids are 8 and 11 and they love the lessons. As we recited the first vision slowly looking them each in the eyes they started nodding their heads. They know it is true. Dalia, the wife is the hesitant one. Her family is progressing but she is dragging her feet a little because of the long catholic line in her family. We baked a cake for setsangre's brithday, the daughter and took it over. They were having a party. At first i think everything at the party was weirded out by us. They weren't really talking but we tried to smile, be friendly, genuinely interested and at least leave the extended family with a good impression. I think the social pressure also might be a worry for Dalia. Jorge, the dad clearly has real intent and sincere desire to know. We are very excited for them! I am also gaining a testimony of obedience. WE are responsible for everything within our control. We are not responsible for others but we are responsible for our influence on them. God blesses us with miracles not necessarily because we deserve them but because other people need the blessings of the gospel.However, the combination of sincere seeking, and the obedient worthy servant will always reap the greater blessings for both the seeker and the servant. Sometimes i feel so unworthy to represent Jesus Christ, The redeemer, the example, a God...But this work isn't about me. It's about others. and the savior will utilize every one of his worthy servants if they will simply be willing to carry his name and try to be like him. I Jesus Christ deeply. My testimony in Him is firm. My joy in him is full. Thank you for sharing your testimonies withe me of the savior as well. I have learned a lot from you!

Well, i hope you all take care of yourselves and keep me updated on the simply details of life. i love them! Janae, thank you for the letter. you are so so thoughtful. i love it! 

Love, fasting, and prayers

Hermanita Burrup

Also, congrats to jeff and robin on their engagement. 

Dear President Neider,

Another good week. I think I'm finally starting to get things figured out in the area. I'm learning the streets and I am starting to feel more comfortable with the people as well. I am glad to be in this area because there is a lot of work to do here. There are several inactive people in our area. This week we finally contacted one of them named Alan. He is 19. After a visit and a lesson after the Christmas devotional he agreed to let us reteach him the lessons and agreed to go out with the elders. He has wanted to go on a mission but felt that he couldn't anymore because of his problems. To me, this is a miracle. The Lord designed everything to work out this way. Sister Holland understands his worries and struggles and has really let Alan feel like there is hope again. I'm excited to continue seeing the Lord's hand in His work here in Sunrise. I'm trying to work hard and I'm trying to be obedient. Thank-you for your counsel and testimony on Saturday at interviews. That promise is really important to me and is already motivating me keep my standards and expectations high for myself. I will not settle because I will control what I can control. Thank you President for being inspired. I love you and your wife!


Sister Burrup

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