Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 24, 2012

Dec 24

Dear Family

Merry Christmas! I'm excited to talk to you tomorrow! My companion and i are still trying to figure out when we will call/skype but we are going to try to make it work at 8. Thanks for the emails, letters, and packages. My companion and i have been very happy. She has asked me to thank you several times for including her and helping her feel loved as well!  She is very appreciative. Sister Holland and i have gotten closer this week. she is a great sister with good desires. She knows how to love and serve people into the gospel. I have and am still learning a lot from her. This week i've been trying to make sure i don't leave my greeny enthusiasm. I'm trying to make sure i have that same zeal for the work especially because i have the basic tools to teach now. I feel strength from your prayers, your letters, packages, fast. Thank you so much for being aware of me, my companion, and the Lord's work in sunrise, Las Vegas. The area is so so different but i love it here. I'm trying to take advantage of the moments especially my study time. We recieved a talk on CD on teh atonement in missionary work by elder holland. He powerfully stated, "The hours between 8 and 10 make or break a missionary." The way i study detirmines the way i teach, the way i love, and how consecrated i am. I specifically think of Dad's dedication to his scripture reading. I woke up late late at night or rather early early in the morning to go to the bathroom and found dad reading his scriptures. thank you dad for always striving to obey the commandments. You are an example!  sorry for the short letter. I love you and am eager to talk to you tomorrow! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermanana Burrup

ps- Janae, i tried to find the "search for Jesus" talk on but couldn't find it. will you send me a copy? even digitally through email is fine. Sure love you and thanks tons for the package. I knew before i opened it that it had to be scarves. I was happy to see that i still know how you are or that you haven't changed too much! :)

Dear President Neider,

Merry Christmas! I hope it's a great one this year for you! I already feel so blessed this year for 3 reasons. First because i get to be a missionary this year. second, I'm seeing how little people have and how blessed i am. We are hoping to do lots of visits tomorrow especially for those who have very little. third, Santa came. I was a little worried about my companion but a couple of families have been very mindful of her to make sure she has a good christmas. she told me she has been praying for the last months that she will get something, anything, from her family for christmas. thank you for beign supportive of her, President and your wife as well. Your wife asked me what my feelings were about next transfer and i wanted to share my experiences and thoughts. For starters, this transfer has been a great one. I've learned a lot about myself, about how to talk to and treat others, and the power of agency. I've enjoyed this transfer although it has been difficult. So, i've been praying lots! As i was praying this week, after talking with your wife, i felt a simple peace. I felt that i need to simply trust you and sister neider. I'd love to be with sister holland in sunrise another transfer or somewhere else or with someone else. I know that the Lord inspires you and whatever the Lord's will, i will strap down and smile the whole way through....or at least try my best to. Thank you for everything again! Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Burrup

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