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November 26, 2012

Nov. 26

Family Family Family,

I love Los Feliz and miss warm springs! My prayers are still largely weighted to warm springs because i don't know the people here very well but i'll eventually get there. Our area is super super puny but i love it. I went from the biggest spanish area to one of the smallest. Big changes! One thing i love about the area is that we are right next to the mountains and we have a gorgeous view of the temple and the whole city. Spanish people actually live her too! My companion, Sister Holland, laughs at me because i get so excited about all the Spanish people here. I'm looking forward to getting more involved in the work here because i think finding is a little different here. I'll have to tell you more about it when i know more! :) As for investigators here, we don't have many. There are many inactive members so there's lot of work within the ward. The investigators we have will be dropped soon if they don't start to progress. We had tortillas, beans and carne asada for thanksgiving dinner. it was super yummy and we ate with the rojas family. 2 of the children had just had surgery and wanted blessings.  The dad has the priesthood but didn't know how to use it. They were baptized as a family almost 2 years ago. It was neat to watch Elder Martinez teach the father how to use the priesthood in his own home to bless his family. Sister Rojas was smiling from ear to ear. I was thinking about how grateful i am to have always had the a Dad worthy to hold and exercise the priesthood in our home. thanks Dad. I very very much love you and think of you often. Moving on to my companion. Her name is Sister Kassie Holland from Kansas City, Missouri. She is so so sincere and really cares about the people we visit. She is so good at serving people as well! We have already helped organize an office, paint a house, and have plans to weed a garden, set up a christmas tree, and help clean a house. People always feel loved with Sister Holland. I'm getting to know her better now. She is a big big example for her family. Her whole life she has been the only one active in the church. She doesn't have support from home so mom, really really really don't send me anything for Christmas. She's not expecting to get anything from her family. She's a very strong Sister. She is learning Spanish here in the mission.  We are two very white, blonde, american, gringa, gavacha, gueras....i'm not sure what other words to say. People sometimes talk to us and we look at each other then back at them and say, "mande." or "what?" it's funny but we just smile and laugh it off. she also has a beautiful singing voice so we sing hymns to the investigators and members. I want to serve her more so she knows that i am glad to be with her and have high expectations for this transfer together. We even had a miracle this week. We found a random 6 teaching records in a pile of papers in our apartment. they have never been taught but have potential. the Lord does help his missionaries ALWAYS!  I do miss the people i love in Warm Springs but i am already falling in love with the people here. I'm trying to throw myself into the work without being pushy or controlling  Because my companion is still learning Spanish  i have to be mindful to make sure the teaching is even between us. Being a missionary is so so fun but it is hard and it should be hard if we're pushing ourselves. I am pushing myself and i'm trying to step up to the plate and give it my best swing. There aren't any punts here :) 

To respond to a few questions, Christian - the binder thing was a recommendation from janae and an MTC teacher. Basically, as you go through each bold section of the lessons in chapter 3 you will want to outline them then put the best scriptures at the end. So each principle is it's own page. It's a really good way to prepare for you mission because it gets you thinking about the most important points of the lessons. It will also become a resource as you go into the mission. So outline each section within the lessons of chapt 3.  The talks are some of the best i have read before and during the mission. I'm glad you got the package. I love you super super a lot and i'm sorry it was late. I went on the week before but the post office was closed. I hope that makes more sense though. I'm not sure if it does but shoot me your questions :) Janae and Steve, I loved the pictures. They turned out super super cute. I can tell you are  a happy family. Weston is already on his mission!? Can his emails please please please be forwarded to me? i would love to read them! Dot and Jonathan's news. I'm so so sad for her! It will work out though! Trials stink but they are just a medium of growth. Elder Ballard teaches in his book, Search for Happiness, that faith turns challenges into the simple ways to grow and death into a door to the next stage in life. I loved it. Faith keeps us afloat. It keep us smiling even when the storms are here. I love Dot and Jonathan and i'll definitely include her in my prayers

I love you all! I have a firm testimony of our Savior. I know he is a part of this work. He has already prepared people for the gospel in the Los Feliz 2 area. We just have to work to find them and be worthy of the guidance of the spirit. Keep working, keep smiling, keep praying, keep reading, keep writing. Whatever it is, involve yourself in the work of the Lord because it is the key to growth! 

Love and Prayers,

Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

I am very happy and excited to be in Los Feliz. The ward seems like a great one and i am very excited to get to know the members and investigators. It just takes a while to get to know them. I reviewed my notes from the meetings with Elder Ellis and once again was able to feel the spirit as I thoughtfully considered and reconsidered the words and testimonies shared. I set two new goals based on the meetings. First, I am going to be more accountable by reporting to the Lord nightly how the time was spent that day and asking what i need to change. I also set the goal to claim my personal study better! I am on time to personal study each morning but i want to use it better to get more done. I'm going to make sure that my mind is engaged in what i am reading and studying. I won't study on the couch and i won't get dozy or distracted. I feel like it will help prepare me for the lessons better and will deepen my personal testimony of the gospel.  I love the Lord very very much and i am willing to make sacrifices to represent him better. I fall very short of what i want to become but little by little i know i'll get closer. I just need His help. I appreciate you. i respect you. i honor you. I thank you. Hurrah for Israel and the Lord's work today in Las Vegas!


Hermana Burrup

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