Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 17, 2012

Dec 17

Dear Family,

I'm sorry, this year i will not be home for Christmas. But we will be in contact. I am excited to talk to you and also trying not to think about it any other time than right now emailing you....It's kind of hard not to think about things you are excited for. Guess what!? missionary work is exciting. We just had a pretty serious lesson with an inactive member and the mother of his 11 children. She has been taught for at least 3 years and never been dropped because she is always reading, praying, and going to church but still has never been dropped. when i got to this area I couldn't believe it. We talked to them very honestly this week. We talked about what the eternities really are, what it's for and how now determines then. It was a very honest  and plain lesson. We were both surprised by the words coming out of our own mouths. We are giving them a week to decide if they are going to get married or not. If not, we have to drop her. So please pray for her. This week did some service for the Rosa's family but we still haven't gotten a lesson. i hope they aren't getting cold feet. I also taught a lesson in American Sign Language this week. It's a good thing a took a semester at BYU but wow, i am still bad at it! He was a referral and already wants to be baptized. I'm tempted to teach him myself with his son as a translator but that wouldn't be very effective. Here in the mission field we call that, "poaching." :) kind of funny.  We are trying to work with his son to get him active and on a mission so we are hoping we'll being seeing more of him. the son's name is Alan. He wants to serve a mission but has drug and drinking problems because of his friends. We are praying and praying that He will be responsive and let us teach him. He avoids us when he has kind of a lot. But we are trying to work forward. We are trying to help him feel like there is a reason and like there is hope. All hope comes through the Savior because only through him can we have any joy at all. Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for being worthy and active members of the gospel!  I really do have a strong testimony because of the small insignificant things that happen. If the small insignificant is so important to the supreme being of this universe then we really aren't so small and insignificant are we? God loves each us and is a part of the details of our lives. He answers our prayers and does His part to help us return to him. I love Him!

As for Christmas Business, I attached a picture of santa. President neider...i mean santa came to our leadership training and christmas celebration :) also I will be able to skype from  a member's home. where will you be and who all will be there? Sister stephens, the member, said she'll be home most of the day. When is best for you? How about Janae and Steve since they will also have a call from Guatemala? Just tell me when and we'll work from there. Also, thank you janae for the package and congrats to whitney stoker and her mission call to Nevada Las Vegas! I'm excited for her to come! Hurrah for Israel! 

All my love

Sister Burrup

ps mom- ymlu :)
pss- am i supposed to send a christmas present to a cousin? maybe a letter or card? who did i get this year?
psss- we attached some pictures. I hope they are ok. They are a little dark and i didn't know if you wanted the hat and glasses or not. so we took a few of each. Love you!

For our Burrup Family Christmas picture we all wore Where's Waldo outfits since we're all over the country (Seattle, Richland, Provo, Virginia, and Las Vegas)

Dear President Neider,

It's already December 17! I feel like i still have so much to do this year! Time goes too fast! First off, thank you for being so so inspired. I loved the training this week! We really are so blessed to be here with you and Sister Neider! This week was a good week. I really am trying to consecrate myself to the work as much i can. I want to make is a lifestyle not just something nice in the mission field. It really all comes back to the covenants we make. I've been thinking about my covenants and how the mission is helping me to apply those temple covenants. I love being immersed in the scriptures and words of God's prophets. I have so much to learn. I feel weak and incapable, but i do have faith and do find joy in your promises and the promises of God and his prophets. Thank you President Neider! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

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