Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dec 31, 2012

Dear Family,

Transfer time is here again. Sister Holland has been transferred to Black Mountain. I am sad that we don't get to keep being companions but The new sister coming in is sister nieto. i'm really excited to serve with her as well. There are a number of people here, specifically inactives that we will have to work to gain their confidence again. Sister holland has worked hard in this area. As for the work, Gabriela is progressing a lot. She told us this week that she was ready to be baptized when meeting with the missionaries before but had a family emergency and left the state for months. She has had a number of experiences that testify that what we teach is true. She's wonderful! She's very talkative and actually really funny. Her apartment smells like dogs but we really love her! We were given a list of inactive sisters to visit. This last week we had 11 visits with inactives. We are working hard to move the work forward here. I am very happy here. I'm grateful and humbled by the calling of representing the savior. this last sunday i gave a talk in sacrament meeting. They let us choose the topic. I felt strongly to talk about the doctrine of christ with a large emphasis on the ordinance of the sacrament. How important the sacrament is! We learn from the prophets that missionary work is a key to the spiritual progress of the members. I ended reading the quote in Preach my gospel in chapter 1 and talking about how missionary work is very simple. We learn with our friends. if we have an understanding of the doctrine of Christ we are will prepared to teach our friends. 

i have little time today because of transfers and the change in schedule but I have a testimony of the scriptures. I know that the Lord is absolutely aware of us! thank you for the pictures, packages, letters, and prayers. I feel your support and prayers. They are needed because this work is eternally important. As we look forward with optimism the Lord blesses us! Thank you for all you do! sorry again this is short. Take care and next week, i promise to have more! :)


Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

Merry Christmas last week! I hope you were able to spend a great one with your family but also in the Lord's service. How i love the gospel. I never want to stop being a missionary so...i guess i won't! This week was a great week.  Sister Holland and I set some great goals and tried to make them happen. We are going to keep working forward. I'm excited to serve with Sister Nieto. I love Sister Holland a lot. After talking with Sister Neider she has gotten up every morning except for one because she felt sick. She's trying hard. This week i had really good study. The Lord does help us in this work! As i prayed for answers, and studied diligently to better understand, my answers  did come. The Lord is aware of his chidren in sunrise. Both missionaries and not.  The spirit is so important and i know that as we do things according to the Lord's will, the spirit will always be with us! Thank you president for having the spirit! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana bururp

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