Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

Family!!! (3 exclamation points just don't do it justice. i'm really excited! :)

Fasting is so important. Sister Cedillo said that when you don't know what to do, FAST! i think she is right. From your fast last week and good news about kirsten the next day then fasting for her and the work here...The blessings are real! numbers aren't everything but they do represent God's children so they are something. Better numbers are more of God's children closer to him and all in all happier. No effort is wasted and no effort goes unnoticed so let's start putting in more effort. no matter how small it still applies! Hector (the man with the scooter from my first weeks here) needs the gospel! We haven't seen him for the last month because he has been working nights, sleeps during the days, has missed his last 2 appts, and his phone was disconnected. Basically, we went to leave a Book of Mormon with him because we didn't want to drop him without him having a copy of the Book of Mormon. Before, his wife refused to listen or participate in the lessons we had with him. She would usually leave. When we returned on Saturday, For the first time, she let us in, she listened to us, she expressed her struggles, and she asked questions and shared her thoughts. Hector and Maria have disabled children in mexico and financially are barely surviving. They are clearly hurting financial but also emotionally and i think it is starting to affect their marriage as well. As we talked with them, read scriptures from the bible and Book of Mormon, offered a prayer, then talked about the spirit i simply got excited for them to have the blessings of the gospel and the ordinances of priesthood or salvation.( i learned that from jon this week :) I KNOW they can KNOW it's true. i pray for them and others that they will let the spirit testify to them and that they will choose to change through the atonement of Jesus Christ. 

 Dad, Mom, I'm doing well. I'm very happy. Specific things on my mind are christlike attributes and scriptures. I need to become more like him to more correctly and effectively represent him. I'm trying hard to do my best but i get confused when expectations are different from different people. How do you do THE best. who's expectations do you strive for? I know the answer: it's in the white handbook. First the Lord, then your mission president, then your companion.....but how do i know HIS expectations for me? I feel strong in my testimony but i feel weak in my ability to express it and teach the doctrine simply? suggestions? 

Christian, i am so glad you are preparing now to serve and so glad you are counting the days until you serve. Be excited because it is wonderful but take your preparation seriously. SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES! learn how to use them! thanks for sharing your experience with the missionaries. You be the difference, you be the support, you be the member missionary that people need. I love you and admire you, christian! Sister Cedillo got to see her brother who entered the Las Vegas West mission today. it made me think of you a lot! I'm excited for you! What are you doing with Travis? when did you become the first assistant? is it hard? Teach me what you are learning! 

Mom, i also got your package. i'm excited to open. Thank you so much!  thank you for your emails. I love them! you and Dad write THE BEST emails ever! I love your picture jon and nicole. i'm glad you had a great time and don't worry jonny. i understand you are busy. have you found an internship? i've been praying for you.  janae, my next planner starts on the 27th. mom said you and steve are making "exciting decisions"...details? :) I love you? how are laws? i hate saying that. how are my other brothers and sisters? I just want to know everything. you all know i'm FOMO :) i love you and thank you for your prayers and support!


Hermana Burrup

ps- thank you karee, beks, and Elder Young for the Letters! and a quick question...what's the name of my blog? i won't visit it but i don't remember and someone asked. love you!

Dear President Neider,

I think every week on the mission gets better and i get happier and happier! I already feel like the happiest person on earth so it surprises me each week how things get better! We've been praying for help finding people who are prepared for the gospel. A little over a week ago, Sunday, we decided to fast for the blessings and help we desperately need. The blessings clearly came this week! Time and time again i am humbled by not only the blessings God is waiting to give us but also in the ways that He sends them to us. For the second week in a row the family of a recent convert, Martin, came to church. They felt more comfortable and the members included them and welcomed them perfectly. Last night the member feeding us invited Martin and his family to dinner as well. It was a great way to get to know the family better in a casual setting but to end on a spiritual note with a lesson as well. Martin has been praying and working to be an example of his family and it's paying off. As Elder Cronin suggested last week, working through the members is more effective. Sister Cedillo and I set some new goals with Elders Martinez and Bailey, and the branch mission leader this week. We are going reteach the missionary lessons to the inactive and less active members and ask them to invite a friend. We are praying that the members will feel the spirit, remember their personal conversions, and desire to come back while still finding people who need the gospel as well. We're excited to get started.  This week, we are working with members! Thank-you President for your prayers and example! 


Sister Burrup

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