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August 27, 2012


my family!

sometimes i wonder how i got to be so blessed with a supportive family. thank you for all that you are and do for me. I wish i had time and i wish i had words to say what you all mean to me. our family of 12 means the world to me. a lot of people hate the change that happens on their missions but everything i hear seems to sounds like blessings or something that will eventually bring blessings. Thanks for being obedient and thanks for being example to me. I love hearing your testimonies and i love hearing your experiences....the spiritual ones and the goofy ones too! :) Well to start, Janae thank you for the letter and package.  i ate choco flan for the first time! i loved it and i thought of you the whole time! i loved your card too. you are way too cute to me. I think i will definitely need THIS planner this transfer because i found out last night that i am training....i think you cursed me in your last letter, janae!:) nah, it's not a curse but i am on the nervous side because i know it will be hard. Sister Cedillo and i have had a lot of fun the last 3 months while working hard, praying hard, fasting hard, studying hard, practicing hard, working hard, sleeping hard, working hard. i feel like we have just done everything hard! We definitely saw the fruits of our labors this week. We had 11 new investigators this week because we started teaching a family and 2 couples. It's nice that we have people to teach but i feel like the weight of training really hits home when i look at the names of these people over and over. She and I really love them. The Lord really loves them. I feel inadequate. i feel weak. The reality and the message we share and the importance of the message we share has brought me so much joy. It's a message of salvation and my presentation of the material has an influence on their decision to accept it or not. Of course i'm afraid but it's an afraid of the changing process not of the outcome. I have a  faith that the Lord will help us. I'm excited to meet my next companion and learn from her and work with her. I hope she doesn't feel ripped off :) Family, How i love the Lord. How i love his church. It's pretty neat how a mission puts everything into perspective. With a job, classes, and every distraction in the world, we sometimes forget the role of the gospel in our lives. There is NOTHING more important. Our private religious behaviors and our public religious behaviors and our public non-religious behaviors....i can't think of anymore but everything she point to your goal. everything should point to your purpose. Every decision you make brings you closer to the Him or furthers you from him. Every decision you make may also bring others closer to Him or further from him. We cannot think for a moment that a decisions only affect us. In church i learned that just like our classes, we attend regularly to keep learning. To keep learning, we have to regularly and diligently be returning to the temple, reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, going to church. These are the ways we resist temptation these are the ways we build our testimony and these are the ways we maintain our testimony. I don't think i'm explaining myself clearly. mom, you can edit it before sending it on if you want :) Just know i have a testimony of the gospel and that i'm working to share it and build it. Once again, i love you and admire you! Thanks again! Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Burrup

ps- thank you kari for the letter and a few questions: can i have bro peck's mailing address? i think you might have to look at the byu-i website. also, can i get a list of bdays and anniversary's for the family...including grandparents :) and last but not least when are dad's next scans? i've been praying lots and sister cedillo has been praying too! 

Wahoo!  Pictures too!

Her district:

A Vegas rain storm

Laurel says, "We may have danced in rain..."

Hermana Cedillo's birthday at a member's home

Doesn't Sister Burrup look great.  She shines like a good missionary should!  I think she'll really miss her companion, but knowing Laurel, her next companion will also be the most amazing person in the world because that's how she sees everybody :)

Dear President Neider,

My whole life i have dealt with change pretty well. I know that the next transfers are going to be a big big change but i'm trying to have faith. Sister Cedillo and i have had a lot of fun while working hard the last 3 months. I'm sad she's leaving but i'm excited for what's next even though i think it will be hard. Sister Cedillo has been a great example, companion, friend, confidant, support....she's been great. This week was a good week together. We worked hard and  We were able to finally get a hold of and set appointments with people this week.  It will be busy and it will be a lot of adjusting without sister Cedillo but i know the Lord's blessings will be with us. We have 2 investigators, Paco and maria, that are preparing to be baptized next month. we are excited for them both. Both are living with relatives that are members so we have had a lot of support from their families.  We taught Paco the Plan of Salvation then reviewed it the next week. He was able to teach us the lesson part by part. We were impressed and it was fun to see him excited about the next lessons, participating at church and asking questions. Maria has been an investigator for quite some time but has made a lot of progress. She is reading the gospel principles manual and the book of Mormon both. It has been a great opportunity to teach them. I love that as we teach we learn. Personal and companionship study has always been more effective when directed toward specific needs of the people. Sister Cedillo taught me that. I' m humbled, President by the call to serve a mission and i'm humbled by the call to be a trainer. I'm certain she and i will be learning and growing together because i know i have a lot to learn still. Thank you president for your confidence in us and confidence in the gospel. 

Sister Burrup

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