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Sept 3, 2012

Well Family,

By the end of my mission i think everyone in the whole mission will know random things about you. Janae and Steve, EVERYONE in las vegas knows your pregnant and that i'm excited...especially the office missionaries. Thanks for always helping me feel included. I tell everyone about the nephews and the funny things they do and say. i am laughing out loud every every monday. Thank you so much for your support, love, fasting, and prayers. I am so blessed by you! 

Well, my new companion's name is Sister Oyanedel. She is from Chile but she knows english really really well. She was going out with the missionaries for 3 months before entering the MTC so she really already knows what she needs to know. That's probably why president put her with me so she could keep training me :) If you remember Emma Hoggan, my roommate in monticello, she reminds me a lot of emma. She's really cute and we have already had fun together. Mom, i am definitely following in your footsteps in regards to the mission because my first week with my trainee we got in a car wreck. Don't worry one bit. i didn't feel anything at all. Sister Oyanedel said she only felt like we were going over a speed bump. Our seatbelts didn't even lock. I don't even really consider it a car wreck but i had to open the "what to do if you are in an accident" packet in the car. Because it wasn't my fault i think they will still let me drive but i guess i don't know. We may be on bikes for a couple of days while they fix the car though. that will be a lot a lot of fun! New experiences everyday! the good news is that before i let her leave we made sure to give her a pass-a-long card. I hope she actually calls for the DVD. i bet she will.

So, we found out that 2 of our best progressing investigators are moving. we are super disappointed but they already told us that they want to find the church once they move to Georgia. How we have grown to love Cristian y Ethel. They are a couple that we saw, thought they looked hispanic, and so we knocked. come to find out that they were near divorce and in just 1 month's time they don't fight anymore. They already love the gospel and they love coming to church. We are excited for the progress they have made of where they want to go from here. 

Paco lost his baptismal date because he didn't come to church. he has never not kept a commitment before so we are anxious to talk with him see what was the problem. We are also teaching a man named daniel. He has so many questions and he has come to church twice. we want to set him this week and start teaching him twice maybe 3 times a week. He has made a lot of progress already, is excited about the gospel, and has 2 great fellowshippers. I wasn't really stressed at all before but this last week has been exhausting. I actually really like it. I  want to exhaust my efforts, my emotions, my mind....everything. I sleep better at night when i do! :) I asked for a blessing this week. Elder Martinez gave me the blessing (yes in spanish). It was a very nice blessing and very much needed. He talked a lot about the support i have from my family and the love that you have for me and he also talked about how missionary work is never ever alone. It was perfect. Thank you once again for you examples and for all that you do for me. i love you all so dearly! Hurrah for Israel

All my Love and More

Hermana Burrup

Her new companera

Dear President Neider,

I only have 11 weeks left with Sister Oyanedel? I'm already bummed. She is a wonderful sister and she is working super hard. It is so clear that she is trying her hardest to say things the right way. She's positive and she loves the people we are teaching.  I feel a great responsibility right now to make sure things are done correctly for the people we are teaching and for my companion. I hope that i can be an example and teacher by the spirit.  I believe one tender mercy i have personally received has been the ability to understand the people better than ever before and the confidence to ask questions and speak freely without feeling embarrassed or dumb with my imperfect Spanish. This IS the work of the Lord. We have started the 12 week program again. We talked about the role of prayer in missionary work and specifically in planning. I don't think i have said so many prayers in my life nor on my mission yet. I am very humbled by the great need we have for divine direction in every decision we make here. President Neider, i know the Lord answers our prayers because He loves us. I'm grateful for the blessing it is to be here in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission under your direction. I'm grateful to be in the Desert Bloom branch and I'm grateful to be with my companion. Thank you for all you do. I again apologize for all the trouble that i know comes with car wrecks. I prefer to give good news especially to the people i respect. Thank you for your concern and patience.


Hermana Burrup

**Laurel also sent us a note from her mission president.  It's nice to know she's in good hands :)

Dear Sister Burrup,

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? . . .  Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, here am I. . . .  And the Lord shall guide thee continually.  Isaiah 58:6, 9, and 11.

Thank your for fasting together as a mission this past Fast Sunday.  I felt the strength and spirit of the Lord helping us raise our spiritual expectations and goals.  Elders and sisters, let your voices and hearts be heard in Heaven!  Please pray every day that each companionship in our mission will baptize at least 2 persons a month, and that you will be able find families to teach.  Then go forward to work and show Him we will do our part.

Let us go forward in faith and witness the miracles and blessings of the Lord.  He has prepared many here in our mission to receive us.  I promise you that through our faith and work we can find them and he will also bring many of them to us.  Our job is then to teach people and help them keep their commitments.

The stakes have set goals to "Rescue" souls in their stakes and I have promised the stake leaders we would help them.  I know you want to do so and the Lord will help us.

We have received 78 new missionaries this Summer and they have added great faith and strength to our faith and strength.  We welcome each one.  Please be examples of faithfulness and diligence to each other.  Nothing can stop us in this work.

I have great confidence and trust in you.  I know that Jesus Christ will help and bless you.

I love you and plead with you to be faithful,
President Michael A. Neider

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