Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 30, 2012

My family my family,

I am feeling extremely humbled today as i have thought on the last week but also as i have read your emails. I believe that humility is directly related to counting our blessings and What blessings the Lord has for us! Sometimes these blessings are only obtained through patience and diligence. The last 2 weeks in my personal study i have noticed and reflected several time on, "the trial of our faith." It can take so so many different forms. The trial of faith that seems to be specifically relevant to me as a missionary and after having read your emails seems to be specifically relevant to our entire family is that of diligence. Sometimes the test of our faith is to see if we will be persistent in obeying the laws of the Lord. Not one but ALL of them! I had the chance to testify of the joy that the gospel brings to our lives. The inspiration came to testify to her that only through obedience to every commandment will we achieve the joy that he wants to give us that is also the joy that our very souls desire. i'm not certain if this makes sense to you or if it only makes sense in my head but either way, know that I am striving for Christ-like attributes and by striving for these attributes, i come to know how truly perfect the Savior but also have to come to know that the Lord's help is upon those who desire and those who work to become like Him…


Hermana Burrup

ps- i may or may not have drank coca-cola for the first time this week. don't judge and don't try it either. it's gross! :) Love you again!

Dear President Neider,

This week has been a great week but i do feel like we were forced to work harder for the improvement we had. We decided to drop a few of our investigators because they aren't progressing, keeping appointments, and won't pray. I've never dropped investigators that I helped find and teach before. Frankly, i'm a little sad about it but the work of God will always "go forth boldy, nobly, and independent," of any worldly influence. Like everyone we meet it's up to me just like it is up to them to grasp the gospel and grow or let it pass by. The neat thing about the gospel is that the opportunities to come to Him never stop coming. Sister Cedillo and I fasted and prayed yesterday that we could find investigators and if it's the Lord's will that we  get a baptism this transfer. Our goal was 3 but one moved, another is now the Elders' area, and the third canceled her last two appointments. We kept our hope and we exercised faith and the blessings always do come. Just last night an investigator came to a baptism with us. She has been taught by missionaries before. We hadn't invited her to pray about a baptism yet but she told us that she has already been praying for a date for a while now. In simple small ways the Lord has blessed us. In simple small ways, the Lord has answered our prayers. In simple small ways, i know God is aware of small Sister Cedillo and I and our efforts to unite our purpose with His.  After talking with Elder Cronin, Sister Cedillo and I are going to focus more on working with the members.  I'm excited to see what blessings the Lord has in store for his children here in Warm Springs. President, thank you for you example and thank you for your work! You are truly an inspired servant of God. Thank you!

Sister Burrup

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