Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 11, 2013

My dear dear Family,
Just look at that picture! Frankie came to church with a white shirt and tie! His countenance has changed so so much! No more alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. He really came to church to worship! The speaker was perfect too! They talked about the bible scripture that teaches friends of the World = enemy to god. It was an excellent talk and something Frankie AND sister burrup and sister veazey enjoyed. It was also fun to see Flor from paradise at night church. We had a lesson after church with frankie. He is excited to be baptized. He has come so so far. He is technically still set to be baptized this Saturday. Sister Veazey and I are praying to know if it's right this saturday or another. So far he has never come to church in the morning. We want to help him just a ltttle bit more with that to make sure he doesn't inactivate or have a lot of struggles after his baptism. It's been such a blessing and privilege to know and teach frankie. He loves the Lord so so much! In the picture, Frankie is holding his new preach my gospel but his time in spanish. He loves missionary work and is hoping to serve a mission. He's come a long way! Thank you for your prayers and fasting on his behalf. it means the world to me.

Well, Fransisco and his wife Nayeli really enjoyed he Gladys Knight Fireside. What a neat experience. She and her husband have strong testimonies and have worked hard to share them. I've never heard hymns baptist style but i kind of liked it. She is very talented. She says that when she joined the church all of a sudden she knew why she could sing. Fransisco is very excited for his baptism this Saturday. We are trying to work out 1 detail though. Fransisco REALLY wants to be baptized in a lake. We are trying to work with our leaders to find out what to do. He read about the Waters of Mormon and felt the spirit really strong so now he wants to be baptized outside. So pray for us to know what to do too :) Either way, Fransisco is excited and is trying hard to be prepared. He quit coffee last week and has been having lots of headaches but he said, "well, now i know i was addicted. I never knew." He has a very optimistic attitude towards obedience because he loves the Lord so much. We know the Lord has worked miracles in his life as well.

Outside of those two, we have erika preparing to be baptized. She is so sweet and sincere. She is reading in the book of mormon and praying for the first time in her life. She is progressing well. Also, Marta! marta came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. She is catholic and the restoration was a bit of a shocker. We taught it with the pamphlet and could see that she wasn't understanding it well so we made it a little more visual with "the cup lesson." We were a little nervous because of her reaction to the first lesson we had had. Coming out of the lesson we KNEW that God had guided our words and that the spirit was felt by us and her. She asked her to write a dedicatory note in her Book of Mormon. She is excited to start reading :)
Overall, as you can tell, the Lord has blessed us incredibly. Sister Veazey is an excellent companion, missionary, and represents well our savior. It really has been a HUGE blessing to serve with her. She has really helped me to maximize. During interviews with president this week i asked president how to maximize my time he said, "well, sister burrup, do you know what president eyring would say?" i thought i was going to get a neato insiders advice from president eyring to president neider....nope. president siimply began to point up and said, "Look up." it confirmed to me the power of prayer again. it confirmed to me the blessing of leaders that simply direct me upwards to get my own personal revelation. How blessed we are to have christlike leaders and to practice christlike leadership. This life is short and i have a long way to go but i KNOW the atonement is powerful. Our weaknesses are so minute compared to our true and divine potential. Let us access that power to become like him. May God bless you all for your constant efforts and works to become, and bless, and uplift me and christian, and all those arround you. The Lord is proud of us when we change to become like him. I love you all very very much! Hurrah For israel!

Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,
Thank you! i can't say it enough. i am so blessed to be here. This week was a great one. The work is really progressing here and so are the investigators. Sister Veazey brought miracles with her and the Lord is really helping us a lot. An investigator, Frankie has been able to drop 3 addictions and came to church with a white shirt and tie. He is hopeing to serve a mission. He will do a great job! As for obedience, we are still striving to be obedient and use our time wisely.
Hurrah For Israel!

Hermana Burrup

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