Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov 4, 2013

M Dear family,

Another good week but so so busy with lots of meetings. We had Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday which was amazing then on thursday we had Halloween meeting so we wouldn't be on the streets then on friday we had zone train meeting on friday andon Sunday we were asked to usher for a Concert just north of the strip. It was a great week but i honestly felt anxious to just go to work! This week will be a little crazy as well. We have interviews and we also have some firesides with Gladys Knight. It's a really neat opportunity for people to hear her testimony through music. We think it will do a lot of good for Fransisco and Frankie to confirm their testimonies. We had a really neat lesson with frankie this week. If you know what the faith rocket is, we did that then read ether12:27, "testimony cometh after the trial of your faith." It was a great lesson. He told us that he knows baptism is the ony thing that can help him overcome his problems. He said he went a whole week without smoking and has been telling all his friends no when they invite him to parties or to drink. We went through the baptismal interview questions and discovered where his concerns are. It's been a little bit of a rougher process for frankie but his progress has been sure and his goodness is evident. He loves the Lord a lot. WE think Fransisco will be a great great strength for frankie and a good role model. Frankie hasn't really seen functional families in his life and fransisco is young (26ish) and has a sweet sweet family. The Lord has really blessed us with ideas and inspiration in how to help them. I know that this is God' work! We planned out the rest of the transfer and because interviews were canceled there was only 1 day we could go to the temple...that was this last tuesday. What a blessing to feel the spirit so strongly. A sweet couple, the ripplingers( brother ripplinger is a general surgeon. reminds me so much of you dad) took us to the temple with them. I have a tradition of reading DyC 4 every every time i go to the temple since the day i was endowed. As i read i felt the spirit and recieved insight. "he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not but bringeth salvation to his soul." what a promise! i got thinking of literally someone harvesting all their crops to put in the store house. Those who have a storage are those who withstand the famines. Those that perish not. Then applying it spiritually the words of my patriarchal blessing entered my mind and i remembered how important the gospel is on a DAILY basis. am i in his work 100% EVERYDAY mentally. physically, of course, but mentally, emocionally and spiritually? I sure want to be and am striving for that. Why because they are those that "bringeth salvation to their souls," and "perisheth not." During Zone training meeting we had a discussion on obedience and the relationship our covenants have to the white handbook. I KNOW that obedience is a reflection of how deeply rooted our covenants are in our hearts. I love the Lord profoundly and am ever grateful for his blessings and guidance. Thank you for praying for frankie and fransisco. I love them both and pray for them several times daily. Thank you for your encouraging words. I feel so blessed to be a burrup and even more blessed to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Discipleship requires discipline. May God bless each of us in our endeavors to follow him with, "one heart, and one mind." In the name of jesus Christ Amen.

Love you all, thanks again, and Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

Another good week. There were a lot of meeting but we still worked hard to do our best. Sister Veazey has been teaching me a lot and is a great leader in our companionship and mission. I'm trying hard to give my ALL. The Lord has blessed us a lot this week in our finding efforts. We have found some sweet new families to teach. One was a former investigator from the area book thanks to sister Wardle and sister Oyanedel's hard work. I know that these blessings are from God himself and are a result of the hard work of many many sisters. In regards to obedience, sister Veazey and I are trying to be obedient and are working together to remind each other of exact obedience.  Lastly, from MLC you asked about specific concerns or suggestions. I honestly had to think hard to think of something because i feel the mission has improved a lot but i did notice an increasing informality of missionaries around members or in their homes and especially when there is more than 1 companionship there. I think most of it has been unconciousness but the singleness of purpose should be reflected also in our behaviour. Thanks president for all you do and for your humble but powerful leaderhsp. We love you and your wife dearly!


hermana Burrup

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