Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 28

My dear Dear Family

What a neat week! We saw lots of miracles. Fransisco went to a baptism this week and felt the spirit. He showed his faith by coming early on a saturday morning without his wife with 2 kids. I've never tried so hard in my life to entertain children in my life. We really wanted him to be abl eto focus on the baptism. He said he felt the spirit and told us that he had already invited his sister to his baptism. Everything is looking grat for the 16th of november. We are excited for him because we can see that he is clearly excited as well to take the steps to START following Jesus Chrst more fully. He has a lot of faith. He told us that he decided to go pray. He rode his bike up the mountain and started to pray. He layed down and as he looked at the stars he recieved his answer. Isn't it neat that God literally will answer EVERY child's prayer? That's the knowledge to share. He told us he had talked to missionaries before but the only reason he gave us a chance was because we put it all on faith and prayer. When we finally decide to trus tin the Lord we finally qualify for his help.  Also, Frankie had a neat experience as well. I wrote about in my email to president but it was so special to hear him bear his testimony of the restoration as he taught us. It was a role play in a mission prep class. He will be an excellent missionary some day! Eddie, a strong priest in the branch taught him how to tie a tie and is helping a lot. Frankie just needed to know that there are good people with good intentions that will help and support him. His progress has been gradual but it has been real. The Word of Wisdom is still the hardest part for him. We are still trying to help him feel the spirit often because when he does is when he is suddenly motivated and empowered to continue. The missionary work is great here. We have a few new families we are excited to teach as well. on our exchange our appointments flopped so we got to contact a lot of potentials and a lot of people in the streets. Very positive experience. If you aren't happy go talk to people in the streets and He'll make you happy! As for my companion, sister veazey is on fire! she is excellent and she testifies with power. I feel really blessed to be with her. WE laugh constantly but work hard. We are happy always because this is his work and it is true. The truth doesn't change even if/when people are harsh or sharp with us. Thank you for your help and prayers. I am so so blessed to have you. I'm excited and overjoyed to hear from Christian and thanks for the pictures. He will be an excellent missionary and i'm excited to support him the whole whole way!  Thanks and love you!


Hermana Burrup

ps- can i have christian's mail address to send a bday card?
Also, it's fransisco loza and frankie martinez for the last names. As for school, i signed up for classes which was will probably all change again. As for housing, i am clueless. There is one sister here, sister cheatham that also is going to home at the same time. if you hear of any place with 2 that would be awesome but if not, no worries. Thanks and love you all! 

Dear President Neider,

Great week! The Lord, as always, blessed us very much! Frankie, is an 18 year old investigator here. He struggles with English and the Word of Wisdom because of his friends. He went to the PMG class with one of the priests last night where he had the opportunity to teach us the restoration. it was the perfect way to check for understanding and hear his testimony as it really is. He felt the spirit and offered a beautiful prayer. We hope he will continue to progress to be ready for the 16th of November. That was one of the many blessings but i am really enjoying serving here with Sister Veazey. We are working hard and trying hard to teach with the spirit. 

Also we went on exchanges this week. I was here with Sister Romero. I could see that she has a lot of desires to do good. WE had a positive exchange. I really tried to emphasize focusing on our purpose and effective street contacts. She does a great job in her street contacting. I left her with a few commitments to teach include members during lessons, to role play daily how to seal with the holy ghost and prepare to set as well as to find ways to show appreciation for her companion. She does have good desires and a testimony that is firm. She loves those she sees. Thanks president!

Hurrah For Israel

Hermana Burrup

ps- my brother just left on his mission to peru :) Good news to share.

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