Saturday, October 26, 2013

July 15

My wonderful wonderful family!

I was so excited to see extra emails this week with extra great news! I feel so supported by you and week after week after week i feel so blessed to have each of yours support. Thank you for your prayers. We had set a goal based on faith for our lessons with members this week based on the new standard of excellence that president Neider has been inspired to ask of us. We were 2 short last night and only had 1 lesson set up. We had a member set up. We said a prayer and contacted her to see if she could still come. She said yes and asked if she could bring another member. We of course said YES! and then the inspiration came to do splits again. We did splits and were able to get two lessons with a member in the last hour of the last day of the week. It was a miracle that sister Acosta and I were able to meet with Delmin. Her mom came out and said, What church are you from because we are catholic and that's it. With the help of hermana Acosta and dozens of prayers form Both of us, She finally let us in. She and I both thanked the Lord and had a positive experience with strengthened faith knowing that the Lord answers our prayers. I know that the Lord does answer our prayers and is aware of us and desires that we meet our goals when set and worked for by faith. It takes constant and consisitent effort or in other words DILIGENCE! i was asked to give a training on diligence and it was such a positive experience. As i prepared it, it was meant to be more of a discussion than me talking. There are many hard working missionaries that are doing their part in the Lord's work and being blessed for that diligence. I believe that we can be blessed by being diligent missionaries at any stage. I have noticed that the young families are often the most busy of families in the ward but also some of the most effective. Children are proud of their testimonies and are great at inviting their friends to church. Thank you for your work and examples. i love hearing about your experiences. 

Christian,  i just talked to my companion and showed her the maps. She said El Agustino es super feo y honestly, you probably want to serve there :) the poorer the better. nah i'm just teasing. The other cities that are more in the mountains she said are really really pretty. She was showing me how huge the city is. She showed me where she lives which is not in your area unfortunately but i was amazed at how huge the city is. She's excited for you and i'm absolutley stoke for you. Exciting Calling too! your doing great i'm sure. Maybe you can really work with people through Facebook. Our leaders have encouraged us a lot to use is. Also profiles are really useful for full-time missionaries. i love when we are in a lesson and the member has a profile so we can say hey have you seen the website? your best friend has a profile! I bet you are already doing great! I wish i had my PMG to give you more pointers for Wednesday. i write everything down in PMG because i have a bad memory. But everything everything everything must lead us to our purpose. our purpose is our vision combined with our authority. I love you bud and i'm so grateful to be here.  You can also use my commission. Our purpose is a literal respresentation of Jesus Christ. Please keep up the good work! i love you bud! 

Really quick, my companions are waiting for me because i was the last to get on but Sister Bateman went to Brazil Which means that Sister Oyanedel is companionless. So we are now 3 covering two areas. WE are exciting to be together again. What a blessing to be with the 2 of them at the same time. We will keep working hard! As for investigators, we have a few new and working on always finding without leaving any members behind.

i love you all! thank you again!


Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

This week was a great week! The Lord really blessed us with miracles! Even a miracle in the last hour of the week on sunday after night church. Providing a magic member with the member we had set up. We were able to organize splits and with many prayers and patience we met our goals of 10 LTMs this week. Thank you president for your loving support and great example. We are so grateful for you and sister Neider. 

Also, this week i was on an exchange with Sister Cichoski. She came here to our area. The day was a lot of appointments. from one to the next but we worked hard, we worked together and we learned from each other. She is such an optimistic missionary. As we talked about her work, we emphasized the importance of talking with everyone and how it effects our other key indicators. She and Sister Despain are working well together and with the members. The commmitment i left with her was to take members out finding as well. To say a prayer with the member and really exercise faith to recieve miracles. I will follow this week. I will also be on an exchange in sunrise this week to work with Sister Despain. Thank you again and Hurrah for israel!


Hermana Burrup

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