Saturday, October 26, 2013

june 24

My Dear Family,

I was kicking myself last night at the broadcast because i forgot to tell the whole family about the broadcast but i was so happy to find out that everyone watched it! I bet you are all the best missionaries. We're all working side by side! Well, unfortunately, They've taken sister Bateman away. Sister Wardle recieved her visa and is now in peru so they split our three-some up so that Sister Oyanedel will have a companion. The Great news is that i will still get to on exchanges with sister bateman and sister Oyanedel. We were able to work hard this week while we had her and we have some new plans in how to use the members even better for finding and teaching the investigators. How we love this work! I have been really humbled lately realizing how much i need to improve. have you ever prayed that the Lord would chasten you? There is no quicker and easier way to know how to improve than to ask the Lord. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is the key to overcoming the weaknesses and frustrations and disappointments of this life. I'm trying to not worry about myself or what i want but to forget myself 100%. all day everyday. This morning a line from my personal study hit home, "For i know their faith," The Lord really does know our faith Which means he also knows our lack of faith. He doesn't just know things. He's like a missionary that knows things then helps us to work through them. He is the creator which means he can create any plan or means just to give us the necessary opportunities to make the needed progression but our agency is the only way we will be able to make that progression. Progression can only be made by proper use of our agency.

Well, Dionicio and Flor are still doing well. Tonight we are going to go over the word of wisdom and invite them to pray for their own baptismal date next month. They are mostly just worried about leaving  behind their work friends that always invite them to drink with them. Esteban is doing the opposite of progressing. We have not been able to find him sober since his wife was in California. We tried to be there right when he gets home to help him not start drinking but it's been unpredictable as to when he will get home from work. Stephanie was supposed to get back today but it looks like it will probably be Friday. We are trying to get them going again but with summer vacation they've been gone or had family in town. Please pray that we will know how to help them. Besides them, we are also teaching someone named eric. He asked what he has to do to serve a mission. he has several friends in the church. He's progressing a lot. We are trying hard to get the investigators we have progressing already.  We need to know if they are going to move forward or not. Please pray that we will have the give of discernment. We have a lot of people right there where they are either going to move forward or we have to drop them to find others. I want them to receive it and we are trying hard to testify often so that the spirit can touch their hearts. I love these families and know that the gospel will help them. 

Well, i've decided to start my 5 month mission today! Sister Zegarra and I are going to work harder than we've ever worked before! i love you dearly. In the ensign i learned that prayer is not a negotiation process but an alignment process and i want to align my will and my words, my actions, my thoughts, myself with the Lord. Take care! I love you!


Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

We miss sister Bateman already but it was a great help and strength to have her here. We were able to ask for some advice and get a new perspective on needed improvements. Sister Bateman does NOT waste the Lord's time anywhere. I am determined to use my morning to get more done and determined to use my lunch hour to work on the phone in the area book or thank you cards....something. It's coming back to the need to consecrate my mind and every desire to work. This week we had a good week. We planned splits and didn't have much success at all. everyone canceled or wasn't home or didn't let us in but we are still determined to work work work! last night we prayed that we would be able to get at least one more LTM and the Lord provided. We received a referral from a member, contacted him, and had a lesson with his uncle all in and hour and half. How the Lord provides. Faith is expected the blessings somehow somewhere. I love the  Book of Mormon. I love Lord. I love my companion. I love my area and I love his children. May God continue to bless others by helping us in His work! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

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