Saturday, October 26, 2013

July 1

My dear Family,

Happy fourth of July. I didn't even realize it was July yet. How time flies. I am doing well and we are working hard to help the investigators here. Flor and Dionicio are doing well. They received the Word of Wisdom well and are trying to live it. They were out of town for part of the week and so we didn't have a lot of contact with them but we are excited to see them again this week. Flor is still progressing well and Dionicio is also improving. They are a sweet family that we love dearly. Please continue to keep them in your prayers specifically with the strength to live the Word of Wisdom and the desire to be married. They are improving little by little. Besides them we are teaching Marcos. He is very enthusiastic about his faith. We will be teaching the restoration this week. He likes to shout his prayers so we have to be careful about how we handle prayer. He volunteered to pray in gospel principles. He's pretty funny but we are learning from him and he is definitely keeping us well versed in the scriptures. Pray that he will have an open heart and be willing to read the Book of Mormon. We are unsure if we will give it a chance because he believes strongly that God won't reveal more after having revealed the words of the prophets. We also are hoping to set a baptismal date for Cesar Romo this week. HE is the nephew of a member and is progressing well. He is a hard worker and is very sincere and honest. He is uneducated and reading is really hard for him. A lot of people don't give him credit for what he knows. His testimony is simple but it is firm in Jesus Christ. He has only received the lesson of the restoration but we are hoping to meet with him twice a week. The Lord has blessed a lot and we are humbled by the many blessings we've been given. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf and most of all on behalf of those we teach and visit. We love these people dearly. 

Dad, in response to your question on suggestion in motivating missionary work, i have just a few thoughts. First, missionary work must must must be supported and exemplified by the leaders. Missionary work is taught in Preach my Gospel and throughout the scriptures. It's the teach correct principles, help them understand, testify,  leave a commitment, promise blessings, and then follow up afterwards. The bishops have an incredible impact on missionary work. If the bishop trusts the missionaries, the members begin to trust the missionaries with their close friends and loved ones. I still love and reflect back on the training we received from the high counsel member, brother Michelson on member missionary work 3 months ago. Just some ideas. Preach my gospel will teach us how to work in His vineyard with Jesus Christ. The members are often the key to the success of the missionaries and every effort is recognized by the Lord and can lead to Many blessings. Missionary work is a key to the progression of the members as well and is a key indicator of their personal conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ who said himself, "Do ye love me?"...."Feed my sheep."  I love This work and feel that there is much work to be done here, there and everywhere there are people without a testimony of His church. 

Thank you for your support and prayers again. i am humbled day after day after day. in my personal study this morning i felt again the need to be humble (2 nephi 9:42) and what does he have prepared for us? well, happiness (vs 43) i love you very much! Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah for Israel!

All my love

Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

Thank you so much for helping my companion and taking the time to listen last night. It really means the world to her and also to me. That night She expressed her appreciation for you as a worthy representative of her father in Peru and her Heavenly Father. Thank you, President! Well, This last week i went on an exchange with Oyanedel. She really is a sweet sweet sister with strong desires to work hard and do the Lord's work. She tends to be hard on herself. I specifically worked with sister Oyanedel working with members and planning the LTM's in advance. She is doing great but could use encouraging words. I am planning to be in close contact with her to make sure they are staying positive and working together. Thank you again president, We love you! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

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