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April 1

My dear family,

I feel so so spoiled every monday. you write me letters and send packages. you write emails. you fast. you pray. you share your experiences. you share your testimonies. thank you so much. After seeing the world a little more, time and time again, i am brought to my knees with a prayer of gratitude. I will never be able to pay it back or even understand wholly all that i should pay back but i know that to really consecrate myself to Him and His purpose will only come through the pure motive of love shown through tireless service. I made sacred covenants at baptism and later in the temple. disciplining myself with the goal of consecration has only helped me better understand each of those covenants. Sister Zegarra and I have the opportunity to go to the temple this friday with all of the new missionaries. I am so excited to go.

Well, missionary is happening. Sister Zegarra and i had a neat heart to heart about our goals and imporvements we need to make as a companionship. Our priority we decided was the goal of praying with faith when planning but also when an appointment falls through to know which back-up we need to visit. This last week we went to a the home of an inactive brother to meet him. Fortunately, although sometimes it is awkward, his door was wide open and there were kids running all around. His wife came out and we simply asked if it was the home of the caiman family. She said yes, and asked what we wanted a little weirded out. We introduced ourselves. She was pretty closed and just went to get her husband explaining, "He's the only mormon here." Come to find out they were moving. we would have lost them if we hadn't contacted them that night. We had the chance to help them clean and move some furniture and got the new address. Sister Zegarra had mentioned that she feels like she is just "paseando" or walking around sometimes. She is anxious to work but we still don't know many people so we haven't had a lot of opportunties for teaching lessons yet. with the caiman family, it was nice to know and feel that the Lord is guiding us. We didn't get to teach a lesson but with a little service and a new phone number we will be able to start teaching. Part member families and inactive members are 2 of the 3 best things we look for. The 3rd is families. I love having a calling and working to magnify it! another missionary taught me when he said, "God wants us to learn how to love like him." i thought it was so interesting. not just love but love like him. We also had breakfast with the stake president this morning. the high council member over missionary work shared with us 8 messages of love from Preach my gospel. If we "love our neighbor" as we've been commanded then we will start at 1 and move to 8 with our neighbors. How can we love our neighbors if we don't desire and work for their salvation? they are not scripts but concepts. really love them and really care for them. The points are:

1- I love and care about you. What is your name and how can I help you?
2- I am LDS and I believe in Christ- What do you think of Him?
3- I love answering questions about the church. What questions do you have?
4-Other LDS people love and care about you too. Will you meet them?
5-I love church activities- will you come with me [and help]?
6-The church is a great help to me and it can help you and your family NOW. May i tell you how?
7-You have a loving and kind Heavenly Father who has a specific purpose and mission for you. Would you like to know what that purpose and mission is?
8- I know that the true Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth along with the plan of happiness and the keys to eternal life. Will you come to my home and learn more?

We often feel like we have to start at that's not where to start. Start at 1. Love them. Listen to them. Invite them. If we love them, we take the INITIATIVE in inviting them."Initiative is doing the right thing without being told." how many times have we been told to "feed His sheep?" do we take initiative in His work? I'm going to try harder! I love you all!

Christian, hawaii sounds so cool? don't forget to send some pictures. I am sure you are having a blast. Janae, i loved loved your letter. Your mission stories get me pumped for the work. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me. Dad, thanks for taking the minute to write. I feel your love and support even in the first lines. Thank you. I am praying for you in your calling. I know you are working tirelessly. Mom, i think this life is meant to be an errand :) it is so short, really. Last general conference there was a talk about divine errands. after reviewing notes from last general conference i decided to start praying now for a divine errand. sounds like you are doing a great job at being a missionary mom. keep working hard. Kirsten and Mike, i love you and pray for you. I would have loved to be at an easter egg hunt with tan tan and austie just to tease them and steal their candy. :) jon and nicole, keeping working hard in your callings. you are going to be the funnest parents ever. keep your faith. God has great plans for the two of you so you can put your burrup mission statement/plan to work. steve, are you a lawyer now? keep working at school. you know my nerdy nature. i can't wait to learn all about it so study hard :)

love you so so much. Thanks again, Hurrah for israel and ymlu!


Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

Sister Zegarra is an excellent missionary. The poor sister is trying hard to understand English. Our 12 week program is going a little slower as we try to translate the different things we read in English. During a role play on church attendance at the Spanish leadership training she taught the principles then enthusiastically asked, do you like receiving gifts? how do you feel? then compared our feelings of being loved after receiving a gift to the blessings of obedience from the Lord. She reminds me a lot of my trainer, sister Cedillo in her enthusiastic but simply and clear way of teaching. I believe her faith has brought miracles to the area and a renewed faith on my part.Being at the right place at the right time is no coincidence.  thank you for president for your testimony. I love hearing others' testimonies because it confirms mine and renews my zeal for the work of the Lord. My personal purpose here is to unite my purpose with God's purpose to bring eternal life to all of God's children. You are an exceptional example and influence in God's work. Thank you! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

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