Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sept 16

My dear Family,

What a great week! We really did work hard. I was really feeling in the gutter at the beginning of this week. trying to convince myself not to be discouraged even though i was frustrated. Sister Jeronimo really pulled me through this week and helped me be positive, faithful, and encouraging. There was a series of blessings and miracles that the Lord gave us this week. for starters, The fireside with Elder Andersen was outstanding! It was highly focused on the power of the atonement of jesus Christ to perfect us not just clean us. He taught us to, "make jesus christ a part of our nature not just our behaviour." he said " Jesus christ will claim us as his to the same level we will clame him throughout our lives." " don't just believe in God but know him!" afterwards in my journal i wrote, "My testimony today was not found it was confirmed. Elder andersen testified of Jesus Christ. I know Jesus is real and he is my brother. I love him. I am changing and oh so weak but trying desperately to make me, Him...and My will, His." As i sat listening to Elder andersen, learning from him and his deep knowledge of the scriptures, my testimony was confirmed and reconfirmed. I know that a testimony is a constant work. It requires the Prime of our life and the prime of our day and the prime of our very selves. May we give the Lord our very best selves. my Prime self. Someone i've never been before. Sister Jeronimo and i have a new motto as of last night: We are doing good but we can do better. That is our goal and our work. Be beter by diligently working to become like the Savior.

To tell you briefly of the investigators, Frankie told us last night that he knows the book of mormon is true. Sister Jeronimo and I couldn't believe it! He has been calling us and asking us to  meet with him that same day if possible. How the Lord has changed him. Humility and hunger burn in his countenance. We left him reading the Book of mormon last night and he called 30 minutes later to share what he read. He is progressing but still has a few big obstacles. Word of Wisdom, family, and fear of failing. Please pray for him. The Lord helped us find 2 new families as well. Cesar from saturday was also baptized on Saturday. It was a blessing to be at his baptism and see his enthusiasm for the work. 

The work is moving forward. I love being a missionary and i love sharing my testimony. Elder andersen said that His personal goal for every every contact he has with anyone is to build their faith so that little by little they may be prepared for the gospel. Let your conversations and minds and words and works be directed to the Lord always and the Lord will help you be his hands. I love you all!


hermana Burrup

ps- Jon and Nicole, Congrats on the girl! i loved the pictures!

Dear President Neider,

How about that for an incredible experience with Elder Andersen! I loved it. This week started out very rough. We had splits set up and lessons and everything fell through. Sister Jeronimo and I talked together one night about faith and she really just built me up and helped me feel that i CAN have faith to bring miracles and blessings to the people here. She is so so wonderful. I really have loved serving with her. Her goodness radiates in her testimony, smile, and laugh. She is very dedicated to the Lord and His work. I love my companion! Well, even with a rough start to the week, when we fight through, the blessings come. Our member present lessons were low but we did work hard and had many planned. This week we are going to work hard to keep the lessons on track and well planned and anticipated to see if we can prevent that. I felt the spirit strongly this week. In my personal prayer tuesday night, my personal study this week, sitting at the feet of an apostle of the Lord, and in a short lesson last night. President this is the Lord's work without a doubt. I know my days are numbered. i refuse to count them but I want to be perfected in Christ day by day. Little by little. My imperfections seem obvious as a I pray but i KNOW they can be changed. Thank you president for sharing your testimony and life with us missionaries. I love, admire, and respect the Neider family even without knowing all of you. May God always bless each you. Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

ps- Exchanges planned for this week and 12 week program is going great. We are really enjoying it! :

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