Saturday, October 26, 2013

Aug 5

My dear family, 

I think the weeks always get better when you work. Sister Jeronimo and I are feeling much more confident now that we are starting to meet the members. I feel like we still don't know very many people at all but when we go throught the directory, i think it is just that there aren't a lot of members. The branch is so cute though. They help out a lot and are so willing to help. As a mission we fasted to get 10 lessons with members in preparation to receive Elders Callister and Anderson. We are going to act in faith and start by bringing 10 members with us with or without lessons set and planned. This week we took with us a recent convert, Hermana Barragan out to contact people from the potential list in the area book. It was such a neat experience. We saw a man outside so we, "pulled over to get directions" and he was actually the person we were looking for. Turns out he was a referral from the stake president a year ago and they could never get in contact with them. We had a short lesson and then set another appointment to go back. We are excited for the appointment this tuesday. Their names are Carlos and Maria. They actually remind me a lot of you mom and dad :)

We went to a mission call opening this week for stephanie pecjak. Their home is the second mission home of Las Vegas. They are such a neat family. Frankie was excited to go as well. Frankie said he wants to serve a mission. We told him he needs to be baptized first. Honestly we haven't taught him any of the lessons yet. His grandparents won't let us into their home so we have to organize it at a members' home. His phone is disconnected right now so we are struggling get in contact with him. please pray for him and his sister yoselin. She wants to listen but she is a minor and doesn't have permission. They are a sweet family.

We also had a new investigator Manuel. We taught him the first lesson and it went really well. He really needs the gospel and seems to have a lot of potential.  Unfortunately, That night he called us 13 times and many times the next day and apparently He really wants to date my companion so we sent the elders. We are kind of bummed but please pray that he will recieve the elders as well. 

Rodrigo Reyes is a recent convert. Taught and baptized while Hermana Oyanedel was here. He is so full of faith and zeal for the gospel. He paid his first fast offering yesterday. He lives in a trailer alone with his son. his wife is in california with cancer in her stomache. He has so much faith and is so simply good. 

We are working hard and contacting as many people as we can. We are trying to testify with all our heart and often. I love the savior so very much and know that it will bless anyone who is humble enough to receive it including me. I feel that i have much to change but am grateful for the many blessings the Lord has given me. I'm behind in my Book of Mormon reading but oh how i love the Book of Mormon. i was touched by alma 15:18. We always think of ammon and amulek as the unstoppable firm missionary companionship but this scriptures simply taught me that in every companionship we must strengthen and love our brother. I want to help all those around me including poor sister Jeronimo who has to live with me and be with me all day every day. 

We also had mission leadership council this week. i loved it. I think the highlight for me ws sister Neider's quote, "include the savior as we commune together." it was powerful. How i love the leaders in this mission and see and feel their love for the Savior. I am anxious to do the Lord's work and do it well!

I love you! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

I think I'm the most blessed sister in the mission to be with Hermana Jeronimo. She is so sweet and simply want to do what's right. She full of integrity and does everything with faith. This week we made a theme for our companionship based on 2 miracles we saw. We decided that we can't pray that people will open their doors to us then walk to the door doubting. That is not faith. We have o expect the miracles. Twice we prayed and decided they would be home expecting the miracle and exercising our faith. Both cases we had been told they were hard to contact but the Lord provided. Our theme is, "faith moves mountains... and doors." it sounds better in spanish but we have fun with it. I really feel humbled by the opportunity to serve with a new missionary and specifically Hermana Jeronimo. I believe that New missionaries bring new faith and new faith brings new miracles to any area they serve in. Right now we are trying to meet all the members and investigators still but we are almost there. We are excited to see the Lord's miracles this week. Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup


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