Saturday, October 26, 2013

July 8

My dear dear family,
Sounds like the family reunion was great. How long have Weston and Andrew been out now and where are they at again? i feel so bad that i don't remember important random details like that very well. don't tell them :) I hope they are doing well. 
Well, the missionary work is moving forward. We struggled getting our lessons with members in because members and investigators canceled but we are determined to work hard and have mebers with us as much as possible. constantly if possible. This week we met with Flor and Dionicio again. We are trying to get another baptismal date going with them but not their son is leaving the country for a month. We really don't want to postpone the baptism until after because that means postponing blessings. Dionicio is the one that we are really working with because he is the one that is afraid to get married again because his first marriage was a negative experience. Please continue to pray for them. Marcos, canceled his appointment and eric committed to be baptized. His mom was really unsure and said over and over again that she wanted to pray about it more but Eric's answer was sure. He feels the spirit and recognizes the difference when He comes to church. Cesar is now praying about baptism as well. He came to church all by himself yesterday and the members helped him out a ton. He felt very comfortable and welcome with lots of support. He is reading the book of Mormon as well. He struggles reading so it is really slow going but he really thinks about what he reads and does feel the spirit when he reads. He also came to a baptism this week and said he is looking forward to his own baptism. We are excited for him and the progress he is making. So the work is moving forward and we love it! We have had to drop a lot of people but we do it with faith to find again.
This last week we had mission leadership council which was excellent!!!! The spirit was very strong and i felt motivated to work better with the members. They taught us that as missionaries, we are called as member trainers in missionary work. If you don't know what the next step in your missionary efforts the missionaries! We are going to work hard together missionaries and members to move the work forward. The sooner we do, the more will be blessed and the more the work can move forward. Missionary work is exponential! How i love this work! Keep working hard, setting goals and plans and the Lord will help you fulfill those plans. An elder said, "start every day on a good knee, not on a good foot." i thought it was a cute quote to be shared. Every goal we set if consecrated to the Lord will be more successful! i love you all! Please take care and participate in the Lord's work with the missionaries. He does help us!


Hermana Burrup
ps- jsut a few, if you can find the sheet music for,"i'll go where you want me to go" in my file box in my closet i would love it!....that is if it's still my closet :) if not, no worries. Also, christian, will you please send me a copy of your mission map? transfers are in just 2 weeks so i want to get all the info i can out of my companion while i can. Sure love you bud! Start studying now Chapter 1 and it will focus you over and over and over again on your purpose! i love you. you are going to be great!

Hermana Burrup
Another picture. Sister osborn took us to dinner and randomly the Zone leaders were at dinner at the same place and same time with another member family. She wanted to take a picture. It was super funny. She thought we invited them and we thought she invited them and all of us were confused. Way funny. Great restaurant and powerful member. She is a recent convert in Sister Neider's ward. she has already invited 17 different families to meet with the missionaries and has been a member for about 1 year. What an example! Love you!

"Dear Hemana Burrup,

Attached is our group picture! Aren't we all good looking? We just
want to let you know how grateful
we are to you for all your efforts in interpreting for us. We
understand what's being said and we feel
the Spirit as we listen to you. Your beautiful voice also inspires us
as we sing our hymnos.

Again, thank you for your time every Sunday. We tell our friends and
family  about you and how helpful you have been to us. You are such a
wonderful and awesome missionary! We know you will be able
to bring many many souls to the Lord's kingdom.  Your Mom and the rest
of your family must be very !
proud of you. God bless you always!"

Bro. & Sis. Aguilar
(Efren and Alma)

Just wanted to forward the picture to you. This is a Filipino couple. Cutest couple ever. They come to night church every Sunday night. i tried to give them your email mom but i wasn't sure if it got to you or not. Thought it might be a fun detail of the mission. Thanks and sure love you!

Picture from mission leadership council. i love these sisters! sister cheatham is the one on the far left. She and i came out together and man do i love her. She's been given a lot of hard situations but is always working and always positive.

Dear President Neider,

This week i went on an exchange with Sister Bateman. She is a good sister with lots of desires to work. We had a little bit of time to talk before switching back. Anyway, in regards to training on the exchange, it went well. She said she has a difficult time talking to everyone because the start is hard. We made a strong effort to really talk to everyone and walked for 2 hours that morning. We also discussed how to work more closely with ward leaders. I left Sister Bateman with a few commitments. President, I'm praying for them. They have a lot of potential and they both have lots of desires to work hard and do well. I'm trying to better understand my role as a sister training leader and I'm trying to magnify my calling by being loving and helpful but without getting involved where i shouldn't. How grateful i am for this calling because i am learning even though i know I still have a lot to learn. Sister Zegarra and I are working together and we are determined to be more effective. The Lord has blessed us with a lot of members who want to come out with us this week. We are going to put the members to work along side us and invite EVERYONE to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. thank you President and Sister Neider, we love you!


Hermana Burrup

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