Saturday, October 26, 2013

April 22

My dear dear family,

Are you happy? i am so so happy! How i love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Last night sister Zegarra and I had so much fun planning. Sounds goofy because we were exhausted. We worked hard this week but as we reviewed our weekly accomplishments we felt that the Lord was pleased with our work. I have been praying for greater love for my companion and unity and I know that the Lord is helping us. She is AMAZING! I sometimes selfishly wish to myself that she wasn't from Peru just so i could see her every week after my mission :) But either way, things work out the way they are and i'm not allowed to encourage her to move least not until next year. She brought the miracles to las vegas with her faith and diligence!

Well, as i was thinking about investigators, I knew that the Lord has blessed us so so much. We just starting to teach some 6 families. I've worked hard my whole mission but never have there been so many prepared for the gospel and families! i love families. I've literally just been at awe with the number of people and their sincere desire to follow the savior. I know that i have a stronger testimony. It was strong before but it has grown. I know it is true. I can feel the gorwth in my own expectations. As I thought about the investigators i realized and thought to myself about each. I really believe, really believe that every single one of them can make the changes can direct themselves to christ and follow him. As i kept thinking aobut it, i knew that it was true. I expect God to answer their prayers and i expect them to feel the spirt and find the truth for themselves. It's true. not just kind of true or mostly true but it is completely and wholly true. That is what the fulness of the gospel means. What a blessing to be shared. Sister Zegarra and I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday. I spoke on the restoration and she on personal testimony. As i pondered on how to approach the topic the ideas and quotes came to mind that I needed. I started talking about how excited and URGENT we feel about sharing good news or good events in our lives. How many times does the engaged person talk about their excitement to be married....100 times! we know they are excited for their wedding because they talk about it. If we understand the depth and significance of the restoration we will feel energetic and enthusiastic and urgen to share the message of the restoration. It is good news that is spreading across the earth!

Well, to tell you some good news, we went to meet Daniel a 12 year old investigator a few weeks ago. This week were able to teach his aunt, mom, stepdad, and family friend. after the lesson we were able to talk more with him about the book of mormon. He said that he knew before he read that it was true. It just made sense that Jesus Christ would come to The americas. Then when he read he was able to feel that it was true. We are excited to keep working with him. We also are teaching a couple. Esteban and Stephanie. They are new investigators, referrals from another zone. He has a baptismal date for this saturday but has only been taught the restoration. We are going to work with him to for another date. Before, he was alcoholic and had a lot of problems in his home and matrimonio. But he has improved. He hasn't been taught the word of wisdom but he says that he doesn't want the alcohol when he reads the Book of Mormon. The wife called us in tears because he called her fat this week. The only way we know how to help a marriage is for them to read and pray as a family. We are working with her to open her mind to reading the book of mormon. We have a family home evening planned for them to teach the restoration. Also, there is the Lobo family. Their spanish is hard for me to understand because they came directly from El Salvador but they are reading the book of mormon and we made a return appointment with them for tomorrow. There are great things happening and many good people in need of the message of hope in Jesus Christ through his resored church and gospel. Emma and Salvador from Sunrise are getting baptized this saturday. Their son will baptize them and i'm excited to see them. Also this morning we had permission to visit the guadelupe and daniel lopez family for ice cream. They are the family from warm springs that was inactive for 20 years. They are active and their children came to church for the first time this last sunday. Hermano lopez is preparing to recieve the melchizedec priesthood and they are preparing to enter the temple. I look forward to being with them at their sealing.

As you can see great great things are happing. I love the gospel and i'm so excited to be here at this time. Thank you for your support and prayers. i recieved the birthday package and loved it. Thank you! Hurrah for israel!


Hermana Burrup

Lopez Family this morning

Dear President Neider,
The Lord has blessed us incredibly this week. We are teaching new families! We've been working hard to to stay in contact with are investigators and potential investigators to keep lessons in the schedule and help as many people as possible. We worked hard to have more lessons with members this week and it proved to help a lot. We are teaching a mother and her 2 daughters. We worked with 2 of the laurels in our ward to come and fellowship and i i really think it gave the mother hope that her daughter stephanie can improve and progress. I also loved the mid12 week program training. I'm trying to do as you suggested and compliment sister zegarra everyday. She is such a hard worker. She has already taught me a lot about how to work with different auxillaries to meet needs of investigators and help them feel more comfortable at church. I thank the lord daily for sister zegarra! We are still working on her english and still working in the 12 week program. We are behind but trying to get caught up again. This week we focused on and learned how to leave better commitments. How i love preach my gospel and the scriptures. the Lord has richly blessed us! Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Burrup

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