Saturday, October 26, 2013

July 22

My Dear dear family,

I am time and time again grateful for you! I pray each monday that the Lord will inspire my words. I hope so much that my words each week can at least reinforce the testimonies you each have and strengthen mine as i share my own. This week is transfers. I've starting wednesday i will be double transferred into Henderson- Altavista branch with a new missionary. I hope she speaks great spanish :) It is Sister Oyanedel's area so i've been in the area a few times on exchanges. From what i can tell, it will be a lot like Warm Springs. Working with members to teach friends, Big area, lots of work for finding and working with the Branch to strengthen the members. It will be a positive experience i'm sure! Missionary work always brings eternal blessings even when we feel at times that are wheels are spinning beneath us. I'm honestly a little nervous and trying to get rid of "stinking thinking" as sister Neider Calls it. I'm loved Paradise so so very much! I'm sure i will continue to love it and love Altavista just as much as i work with heart and soul. Training is always a great opportunity to do that because "new missionaries bring new faith which brings new faith" I love this work dearly! We got the transfer information on Saturday night. I prayed that night in the Living Room and just poured out my hear, fears, and feelings to the Lord. I prayed for strength and i prayed for guidance, faith, and a confirmation that this is the Lord's work. I think that Confirmation will come little by little as i start in the area. church yesterday was a positive experience. I'm glad i was able to say goodbye to the members and the investigators. The members are so so thoughtful. The Relief Society president, Hermana Soto is one Sister i absolutely love and admire. Everyone loves her because she is absolutely heaven inspired. She is diligent in her calling and makes every visitor feel welcomed, loved, needed, and wanted. She's one i will never forget! There's several really.the Member's are so important in the Lord's work!

Well, a few spiritual experiences, I love the Book of Mormon. I'm reading it and making progress little by little. i might start getting up early to read because i'm behind. The word study just seems to be the opposite of rushed. I'm going to simply try to dedicate more time. i loved a scriptures i read this week mosiah 8:18. I know that our faith can bless others, it can make a difference, and it can benefit the people that surround us. I really loved the scripture! I prayed for the people in Peru that the Lord would prepare His trainer and the members and investigators he will teach. As i prayed the feeling and thought came to me, christian, that the Lord will prepare them as you prepare yourself to teach and bless them. I believe that, christian! Focus your mind now and the Lord will prepare many to receive you, christian! 

One last good news, elder anderson, the apostle is coming! we're excited to meet him! I love you all and thank you for your examples, help and prayers! Keep up the good work! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

Another transfer gone and another area to look forward to, learn from, labor in and for, and another trust with a new missionary. I am excited for this next transfer without a doubt even if i'm a bit nervous. I love the Lord's work wherever it may be! I'm humbled time and time again by the opportunities and blessings the Lord gives me daily. Well, to be 100% honest i'm a little heart-broken to leave. My love for the members, investigators, work and the Lord has deepened greatly here. I look forward to seeing many of these families again. I'm praying that it will be at baptisms. What a blessing it is to bring the Lord's love to them. I learned in Preach my Gospel this week that every time we talk to someone or teach someone it is a manifestation of God's love for them. It really impressed me, touched my heart, and motivated me to focus more on others and less on me. I will work harder in my new area and i will work with the members. This week i went on my last exchange with Sister Despain in Sunrise. She is doing an excellent job working with the members. Most of our appointments with them were focused on Less-actives and inviting the members to help find. Sister Despain is doing a great great job. I definitely felt that i was the one coming out of the exchange trained. She is doing great work and I'm sure she will do well wherever she is sent! Thank you again president for your example and testimony. We love, respect, and admire you!


Hermana Burrup

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