Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oct 21

Dear Dear Family,

I have a lot of mixed feeling and thoughts right now. I was honestly a little heart broken when i heard christian was leaving. I am anxious and excited for him to go and begin and bless and be blessed but i had this selfish hope that i would get to see him just 1 week. Christian, know that i pray fervently for you. You are a joy to the Lord, to your parents, and family. I love you and respect you dearly dearly dearly. Thank you for being worthy and valient in your preparation. you will not regret not even 1 day your preparation. Well, I feel very loved by you. thank you! Janae, i did get your package and the cookies are great! thank you very very much! you are so thoughtful! I loved the pictures i got from you as well, it's always fun to see pictures and faces.

Well, it's been a great but crazy week! Transfers, exchanges, splits, bed bugs, and weird other surprises this week. It's been fun though. Sister Veazey is from North Dakota and absolutely amazing! she has been out almost 9 months but is teaching me so so much! i am learning a lot about simple and effective, bold but loving teaching! We have a lot of fun together and get along very well. She is very optomistic and positive which has really helped me to keep working hard!

To tell you about the work, Frankie is at a really crucial point. He is discouraged with the word of wisdom. He has more problems with it than we knew. He has problems with coffee, alcohol, and cigarrettes. a lot of the problem is a social problem but he doubts himself a lot. He showed a lot discouragement and maybe lack of desire. This week will be another crucial week. please pray pray pray a lot for him. Fransisco is already talking about how excited he is for the 16th so he is doing wonderfully. We are working on getting people progressing right now and finding through the members. 

Family, this is God's work. We are a part of this work and the progress is oftentimes gradual but it is real. Mark 4:27 and 28 tie directly in with alma 32. Faith requires work and diligence and patience but gradually the progress comes thanks to the Enabling power of the atonement. May we all improve daily controlling only that within our power focused on our covenants to do His work in His way. may God bless us as we do His work. If all it required for many in the new testament was to touch his robe to be made whole than we must find our ways to touch his robe. to open the channels of the atonement in our lives. The base of our lives must be built on Him. I know this is his churhc and i know this is his work. and the work requires the efforts of all. President Neider said this morning, "we are only called to start the efforts of this work." he also said, "we have a lot of work to do. we must invite all because by the end of the millenium all their work must be done." I love dearly the Lord's servants here. May we support his servants everywhere in the capacities wherever and whatever they may be. I love you very very much!


Hermana Burrup

ps - mom, i am so glad you found that music.please send the music as soon as you can. i'd love love love to use it really quick. There is a really special family; the pecjak family. The daughter is going on her mission soon and we want to sing it for her farewell. we'll have to practice and prepare on preparation day really quick. :)

Dear President Neider,

What a busy week. it was a great week but very busy. I am learning very much from sister Veazey. She is a hard worker and loves the Lord. Very focused and an excellent leader. We went on exchanges with Sister Webb and Sister Smith this week. Sister Smith came to Altavista with me. I felt of her goodness and her hard work as we were went from one place to the next. She loves the People she sees. A main focus of the exchanges was street contacts. How to be yourself from the very first impression so that when we share out testimonies it also feels genuine. She is doing a very good job at testifying every contact. We discussed how to share powerful testimonies by speaking slower and sharing absolute truths so they will think. It was a great exchange. She is working hard and doing very well. we also practiced the Zone Training on explaining the holy Ghost using the pamphlets. Thank you president for all you do. We love you and appreciate your humble yet excellent work. Thank you for you and your wife's thoughts and prayers. i am so blessed to serve here with you two. Hurrah For Israel


Hermana Burrup

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