Saturday, October 26, 2013

April 15

Dear Family,

For my birthday i asked sister Zegarra if we could work harder than ever before. Satan is kind of a punk because there was some miscommunications and we ended up eating a meal at 2, 4, and 6. i felt like all i did on my birthday was study and eat. So we are making up for it! It was a wonderful birthday though. Sister Zegarra made me peruvian tortillas con chorizo. They were really good. She looked and looked for the candles but couldn't find them. She's so sweet. She talked to one of our dinner appointments and the member bought a cake for me. it was a good birthday. The best part was the new investigators. This week we started teaching a family. Lorena, stephanie, and diana. they have lots of questions. They seem a little....ok kind of a lot rough but they are a cute family. they have a lot of peircings but i know the lord loves them. As they listened to the first vision Lorena, the mom, started to cry. Her father passed away 3 days ago. I'm not perfectly sure why she told us that right after the first vision but she found hope in the first vision. She's excited to learn. She was excited to know that God is real, that He loves her, that he has a plan for her. It was really special. the daughter diana has good questions and good answers. She makes it fun. We were talking about why there are so many churches and she said, "i figured it out. There are so many churches because we can't all fit in one!" i'm glad she said that because we didn't to explain a little better. The lessons are in spanish. The daughter understands basically everything but every now and then she gets confused. We also taught alejandra sanchez the restoration this morning. it was beautiful. She read what we left last week and she said she would read this week. She has sincere desires to learn. Her prayer was beautiful. How i love hearing investigators sincere prayers. God really loves his children! We also had a neat experience with a referral. We are going to visit tonight but her name is rosa maria martinez. Elder Gibson from the 70s visited her and passed the referral to president neider and now we will start teaching her. One of the twin babies died and she is moving and working. She just called crying i can't do it anymore. i just can't do it anymore. The gospel brings hope. The gospel brings light. The gospel brings joy. The gospel is evidence of god's love and his desire to bless us. We will be working with her  but we are just starting. Another neat experience. We went to contact an inactive member living with a former investigator...they moved but the neighbor started talking to us. She's not very interested but asked us to visit her friend. We go to visit the friend who is mericia zepeda. She and all her family was baptized about 3 years ago. They went to mexico and came back. she just got divorced, is lonely and afraid to come back to church. she specifically said, "you found me, how did you find me?" then when we left she said, "oh man, you are going to talk about me in correlation meeting." She was a ward missionary before she moved to mexico i think. She's cute and misses the church. Honestly, it has been an excellent week. The Lord has blessed us greatly! I feel a lot like alma. Alma 32:6. I'm not happy that people have hard things but i am so happy that these humbling experiences are helping them recieve the gospel of jesus Christ. I know it is true. I feel it. i am happy. I want more. i want to share it. I want to live it. It makes me want to be perfect....or at least try. I know that through jesus christ we are perfected every sunday and the days between according to our humility and faith in jesus christ and his atonement. Our family has been so blessed. The best way to be grateful is obedience and sharing the blessings with others. thank you for your help, support, prayers, and your fast this last week. There are people here that need our strength. i love you dearly!


hermana Burrup

pictures - 1 birthday dinner with sister mendoza, 2 baptism of richie. not an investigator but a less active member's son. We gave him the lessons to help him get ready. he was so excited. :) 3 nadia in sunrise with the husband that won't let us visit but has a testimony

Dear President

more miracles! This week we struggled on having lessons with members but we were led to families with open hearts! Lorena and her families had just lost their dad/grandpa 3 days before the lesson. She is humble and dedicated to the Lord and has 2 daughters that also participated in the lesson. We are already excited for the next lesson because the plan of salvation will mean a lot to her. We have a lot of new investigators with potential and love for the Lord. The lord does have Great plans for paradise! The 12 week program is going fine as well. We are behind. I'm trying to get us back on schedule. Sister Zegarra is doing well, She is actually quite the talker but in Spanish. She's a great missionary and has a lot to teach me. She is a great strength to the zone. Well, president, i love the Lord and i love His work. thank you for your guidance. I promise we will keep working and specifically to be more organized to have lessons with members because that is what helps investigators most. Take care and thank your wife for all she does for me too! She is so wonderful!


Hermana Burrup

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