Saturday, October 26, 2013

May 13

My sweet sweet family,

I wish i could have had 15 some  laptops to be able to skype every one of you at the same time. It was so nice to see a few faces of the people i love. Thank you for your supportive words, testimonies, and many many prayers. What a blessing it is to have you. i believe your prayers work miracles for the people here as well. thank you thank you thank you!

I feel like i don't have a lot to say since we were able to talk yesterday but a good thing that is new is that sister oyanedel found my other shoe. I don't have to buy new black shoes afterall! Also, we have a lesson with stephanie and esteban tonight with the primary president as well. we are excited for the lesson and hoping to set a baptismal date with them. For the first time ever they sat by each other holding hands at church. They have a lot of marital problem so the gospel is little by little bringing more love into their home. They have 3 little boys. They are progressing beautfully. We are tryign to help them keep momentum and establsih the habits of reading the book of mormon as a family and pray. At first they refused to even pray in the same room. but little by little they are starting to work together. They say they are married but that they don't have any photos so we will need to teach law of chastity earlier rather than later to make sure that won't be a problem.

Well, my testimony is getting stronger day by day. i love what a sister said in her testimony. She said, "even the most bitter of rejection strengthens my testimony because i know even more firmly that no matter what, i know that it is all true." i loved it because it is true. Some people are flat out rude and some people are incredibly kind. No matter what we talk with all. From the consecrated missionary talk, "if i want to baptize some i'll talk to some. if i want to baptize many, i will talk to many. if i want to baptize all, i will talk to all." i prefer to say bless than baptize even though they go hand in hand. I loved hearing your testimonies and i love sharing my testimony. i hope i can be better and never go back. as mom says, "today is the first day of the rest of my life!" i love you and know it is true! hurrah for Israel!


Hermana  Burrup

the many sisters that taught eva

just before her baptism

sister oyanedel and eva and i. We are all pretty happy! :)

sister cedillo came to the baptism! so good to see her!

Dear President Neider,
I am so excited for interviews tomorrow. I love the opportunity to meet with you and your wife. Well, this last week i felt like we worked hard but didnt' get as far as we would have liked. In all honesty, i feel that better organization on my part will help. I do not like being on the phone duriong proselyting time so we are going to try to use lunch to make sure everything is set up and ready to go.  Sister Zegarra is doing well. I've been working on english with her and we are getting caught up in the 12 week program. It really is inspired. Also, this last week i went on an exchange with Sister Oyanedel.  She is such a sweet sister and i loved the opportunity to work with her. She really knows how to love people and testify from her heart. She is a great missionary.they are working hard and doing well.  Thanks president for all you do! I really want to be better and i feel like my time is ticking faster than should be allowed. I look forward to learning from you and your wife every chance i get. Thank you!

Hermana Burrup

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