Saturday, October 26, 2013

March 18

Dear Dear Family,

There is a lot of change happening! This morning we received our transfer letters. I will be training a new sister in Paradise Zone! Together we will be opening the area for Sisters. To tell you a little bit of where it is, we will be right next to warm springs. The airport is in our area and we are RIGHT off of the strip. One of the Elders here was a Zone Leader there so he was telling me about it. Right now it is the most successful zone in the mission in regards to baptisms. They are preparing to split the Spanish ward. One Sunday last transfer there were 20 investigators at church. The hard part in the area we will be serving in is that we will only have 2 active members. I'm excited and a little nervous. We also get a little newsletter each transfer called "the Desert Disciple" that has a list of all the arriving and departing missionaries. as i looked through the list i realized I know a few people coming. First Isaac Shaw is coming!!!! Second is Rebekka Shenk!!! Rebekka was one of my canyoneering/repelling friends from my BYU ward right before coming on my mission. How crazy! Either way, I'm excited to see how everything turns out. Definitely bummed to be leaving but excited for new starts. A new missionary is going to help me push to be better as well. I'm nervous about opening an area. As of now, i don't know when i will be getting there, how i will be getting there, nor if we have somewhere to live. But the Lord will provide. All is well. I'll be in the same zone as sister garner again which will be fun so we might be with her for the first few nights. I'll let you know next week how it all goes. 

It sounds like there has been a lot going on at home. Christian, how are mission papers going? and speaking in Stake Conference? What a neat opportunity. i'm really excited for you. If you type up your talk, i'm definitely ok with you sending it to fact, i would encourage it :) Keep working hard, bud. The Lord has His plans set for you and there's nothing you want more than His plans.I know there are people just ready and waiting for you to come and bless them.friends, Members, non-members, and companions. I am so excited to hear more from you.  I'd recommend a talk by elder maxwell in General Conference 2000 titled, "content with the things allotted unto us." Sometimes we feel ripped off or maybe we feel blessed beyond what we deserve but either way, it is by the design of the Lord. Jon and Nicole, this might be a good one for you right now too. I've been thinking and praying lots for you. You are great examples and friends to me. I love you dearly. Keep the faith and every effort and thought directed to the Lord. Things will work out. 

Well, to tell you a little about this week, we've been so incredibly blessed. It has been a big growing week for my companion and I. I feel like we are finally learning to teach well together and follow the spirit and now i'm moving but i'm sure there are great great things in store for her here. This week, Salvador and Emma accepted the baptismal date of April 27th. they are both reading in the book of mormon to know if it is true. They came to church this last Sunday for the first time and enjoyed it. we have 2 or 3 visits each week so they are really doing well. We also started teaching a man named Carlos. His daughter is an inactive member. After the death of his wife he came to live with his daughter. Although it was hard on the family, it has caused a change of heart. Before they never allowed us to enter their home and now we are teaching her and her father. The husband, mike, still doesn't love us but he has improved little by little as we've worked to serve their family. In my letter to President i mention Adan and Lupe's family. the sons are Carlos and Huber  ages 16 and 18. I'm excited to see what happens with them. Sister Nieto will be working with them. We had a powerful lesson with them just last night. They are prepared to recieve the gospel. before explaining anything, they said that they felt all the church just created one big competition and they can't all be true. The restoration of the church is powerful and is true. I feel it and know it. Lupe said that as we shared the first vision she simply imagined everything. She was humbled as she understood the significance of the event. How I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful to know we have prophets and the Book of Mormon as proof of authority and prophets today. it is true. 

I love you all again and pray for your happiness, safety, and success. Please stay faithful and true to what is right. I love you dearly!


Hermana Burrup

Dear President Neider,

Miracles are still happening in sunrise! This week we taught a couple. It is a family of 4 investigators but the two sons weren't there. We got a promise for next week though. We've been struggling to contact them and have appointments but finally found a time that works for them this week. We taught the restoration and i felt so strongly that it was true! Sister Nieto testified of authority and it really struck me. She said , "unless we are given authority we cannot claim we are servants of God." They both agreed to read together the Book of Mormon. She said that she had never felt like that before. I've been in many lessons of the Restoration but never like this. As we walked out, we were so happy because we felt like we fulfilled our purpose. We thanked the Lord afterwards and felt motivated to continue working. I love this area. sister Nieto and Sister Despain are going to work even more miracles here. I'm excited to see what the Lord has in plan for them here and for me in paradise. Thank you President for your support and guidance. How i love the Lord and seeing His work in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission!


Sister Burrup

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