Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oct 7

My Dear Dear Family,

Thank you for your prayers and your support. I do feel strengthened by you. Christian, I am so so sorry to hear aobut your knee surgery. I believe you will be able to recovery without much trouble at all. If it's the same one I had, than you'll be back to normal real quick! Satan can't stop the work from progressing. Never ever. The only way it will be delayed is if it's the Lord's will and it's part of your preparation. Maybe you've been such a good member missionary that the Lord wants to keep you in Washington just a minute longer. But come what may and love it. I already have written in my agenda to fast for you. Well, This week was probably the most meeting filled week every! We started with Zone conference which was absolutely EXCELLENT! Then off to mission leadership council, then to Zone training meeting, Corelation and weekley planning like every week, then General Conference! I felt like each of the meeting was very inspired and helped prepare us for the work to be done. What a blessing to be a missionary right now. Sister Neider always says, “now is the time, here is the place, and you are the ones.” I think that is probably true of each of us. God has called every baptized person to His work, to REALLY live and apply their covenants. In our Zone conference they shared with us a new way for the members to participate. It started in Texas is starting hear and has been taken to oregon and florida. It's spreading. In a comfortable non pressure way we can discover those willing to learn of the gospel. It's called the willing and brief invitation, “Would you be WILLING to hear a BRIEFpresentation about ….(whatever aspect or principle of the gospel they may need) by two of my friends from my church.” if they say no, it's fine. No big deal. Just checking. If yes, then get information and work with the missionaries to meet with them. It has had almost a 50: 50 response. Imagine if we invited everyone and half said yes. How the Gospel of Jesus Christ would enter homes, change families, enrich lives, and gladden the hearts of God's children. Are we consecrated enough to the Lord? I Know so. If we are not or maybe when we are not, I love the advice my companion gave me....just choose to believe it. I have been so blessed by sister Jeronimo. When we present this to families in our branch we ask them to use it until they get 1 yes. They can use it with ANYONE. Family, Will you use the willing and brief invitation with those you meet and know? I know that it was inspired and i promise you will feel the spirit stronger because it is an act of faith and every act of faith will invite the spirit more into our lives. There are many who want what God wants for them but don't know how to access it. may be we be the Lord's angels. We will know this saturday about this next transfer.I love this work very much and know it is His work. Please pray for Fransisco Loza. He has a baptismal date for November 16th and needs a clear answer. Pray for Fankie that His schedule will permit him to be taught. He has a new job and we've struggled getting started. Thank you. I love you dearly and know this is God's work. Hurrah For Israel!


Hermana Burrup 

Dear President Neider,
This week really built my faith strongly. We had many many meeting and now i feel anxious to work already and put it to use. i feel like a sling shot just ready to fly! :) We are working hard and trying to get everything done that we need. We are trying also to finish the 12 week program. Sister Jeronimo has progressed a lot and she has become an excellent missionary. We set the husband of a less-active member for baptism this week. Sister Jeronimo took the initiative and knew exactly how and when to do it, why we needed to and was able to do it with the spirit and confidence. We love the work, each other, and those we visit. We are trying to increase our obedience by specifically getting out of dinner appointments on time so we can get back to work. May God bless us all in His work as we consecrate ourselves to His purposes. Hurrah for Israel!
Hermana Burrup

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