Saturday, October 26, 2013

May 6

My great family!

Another week come and gone and i'm bummed. people always talk about celebrated the 1 year mark but I feel like we need to do a funeral or something. I guess I'll get over it. Well, Happy Mother's day, Grandma, Mom, Kirsten, Janae, and Nicole! You are examples for me. We have been so blessed with a great mother and I know that each of you are the same for your kids...and husbands :) Families are ordained of God! How grateful I am for mine.

Well, The work is still moving forward in paradise. We've really struggled helping people understand the importance of coming to church this last transfer but yesterday we had 6 investigators at church. We are grateful but still disappointed others didn't come. The good news is that Stephanie came. She is progressing now as she reads and prays. There have been a lot of problems in the home and marriage but as they begin praying together and reading together I know that they will see the difference. She can already see a difference in her husband. Daniel also came to church with his mom, step dad, and aunt. It was a very positive experience for them. We are excited to continue working with them. Lorena has stopped answering her phone and didn't keep her appointment this last Friday. We fasted and are praying lots that we will know how to contact her and what to say when we do. I have faith that there is some way that we will be able to. We love her and her children. They like learning but I think they are scared and confused by the things they hear from different people. Thank you for praying for them. I know that prayer is powerful when it is sincere and meaningful. Some GREAT news is that Eva Caballero is getting baptized this Saturday. I don't know if I have ever been so excited for a baptism. She is ready and committed. We just received a referral yesterday. Eva wants us to teach her family. That is how I know her conversion is true. She wants to share it with those she loves. This last Saturday, Isai falcon was baptized. I had the opportunity to go to the baptism. I love so much the people in Los Feliz and I am developing more and more love as I work hard here.

On a spiritual note, I've been studying again how to be a consecrated missionary. My heart is a little heavy knowing that my days are numbered but I have desires to change to be better, to surrender all, be my best, and work with everyone. I know that is starts with my mind and how I use my studies. I feel that I need to increase in humility to do it. Humility is a key to learning as is faith in jesus Christ. in Jesus the Christ it says, "faith is preceded by sinderity of disposition and humility of soul" and "Faith is best gaged by obedience and untiring service" I love that. "untiring service" I know that the power of the atonement is what gives us the faith to obey and serve untiringly.

How I love you! I am so grateful for you and look forward to talking with you this next week. For Skype, we will work it out. I love you so much!


Hermana Burrup

More pictures from Salvador and Emma's baptism. just received them from sister nieto. I'll send more soon

Dear President Neider,
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I love sharing it. We've had some good experiences and some disappointing things happen this week but we are still working hard. We are going to work forward. We really do love it here. We have been trying to be organized to have more Lessons with Members and specifically to do splits. Sister Zegarra is a very prepared missionary and doesn't have any problem being a leader. Splits is a great opportunity for her to lead lessons and take initiation in the work. This week we have planned to practice more street contacts in English for our Language study. Also, This week we will do our first exchange with Sister Oyanedel and Sister Wardle. We look forward to learning a lot. Thank you for all you do! Hurrah for Israel!
Hermana Burrup

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