Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18, 2013

My Dear Family,
Fransisco is officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS! He is so happy! The day of his baptism his wife said, "we are one step closer to going to the temple!" it was so sweet. The baptism kind of put us in a panic because one of the speakers was called into work and a few other random details had to be changed last minute but it worked out and was a special day for him. He was baptized in the chapel. He was a little bummed that it wasn't lake but said it didn't matter that much to him. He just wanted to show his faith. It was really nice to hear his testimony at the end as well. The next day,Sunday, of course he was confirmed. His confirmation was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! President Pecjak did the confirmation and was absolutely inspired in his words. A large part of the blessing talked about how the gospel would bless his wife and his children as he continued to study in Book of Mormon. His family means the world to him. After his interview the district leader told us he was really prepared and really detirmined. Apparently he had been throwing up and having migrains because of quitting coffee but that he refused to give up. He is going to be a great strength for his family and to the branch. There are few young couples and so he will be a great help. The branch has been doing well but we just found out that 3 strong families are moving out. The branch seems to work hard and grow then have to start over. I guess we need to find more! :)
Well, frankie is doing super well. We talked to him saturday night and he said, "what day is it?" so we told him it was the 16th. He just said, "no! i was so supposed to be baptized today!" He is excited to be baptized but we are trying to get him to church in the morning. That is how he is going to grow and progress is going to church in the morning and interacting with the members. He has come a long way. He wants to serve a mission and has another referral for us. We committed him to read a specific chapter in the book of mormon. Right after he just laughed and then said, "will YOU sister burrup and sister veazey read that chapter tonight before you go to bed?" He now leaves us with commitments. This week he is going to pray to know what day he wants to be baptized and let us know. He is working really hard to be better. He says cigarrette smoke makes him feel sick and he doesn't want to smoke at all. He is much happier now than he has ever been. 

Besides them, we are finding. we have a few new people. Marta for example has so much curiousity. She is scared to pray because she is afraid of getting an answer. She prays everytime that we will have patience to help her. She is finally reading in the book of mormon now and so far has enjoyed it. She has felt the spirit and now needs to act but just asking in prayer. We did a few splits and are hoping to do more this week. Family, this is the Lord's work! i love love love it! i honestly don't feel like i'll ever stop being a missionary. This is me, i am sister burrup. i am a missionary. This is my lifestyle and my life. I've just decided that it doesn't have to end. That's what mormon profiles are for! we contacted some people at great clips this morning. So why can't i do it after. Janae, i am so proud of you and your missionary work! keep it up. Us misionaries aren't TOO weird. If we involve the Lord in His own work he will guide us. Sometimes we forget to just pray about it and follow. In Acts 10:34-35, peter had to open his mouth. If god shares it with all than why wouldn't i as his representative having taken his name upon me. And when we do we  may be "accepted with him" with those that we have shared the gospel with. I love you!
Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Burrup
ps- mom, church Sunday is ok. we are "allowed" to see our parents starting Saturday I love you and am excited for you to meet the wonderful altavista branch! the address is 401 e palo verde in henderson. in front of basic high school off of boulder highway and palo verde. I love you!

Dear President Neider,

Priesthood power is real! When Fransisco was confirmed by President Pecjak tears rolled down his face. The blessing was absolutely inspired! It was a beautiful week and weekend! A little bit stressful getting some difficult details organized with the baptism but everything worked out great! The Lord really does prepare people to receive His gospel. Upon praying he received an answer and ever since has been excited to be baptized. We feel so privileged to have been the ones to share the gospel with him.

Thanks for all you do! Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

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