Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

My Family,

Time is incredibly short today because we did online training, and a survey because a member of the 70s is coming to tour our mission. I'm sorry i won't be able to write more but know that i think of you often and i am feel so strongly your support, prayers, and love of the gospel. Each of you are such examples to me! 

Kirsten and Mike, i'm so happy for you! Sister Oyanedel and I snuck into an empty room in the church to offer a prayer of thanks right after reading the news. I loved your insight on how being realistic is simply an excuse to not stretch our faith and expect miracles. Thank you

Christian you are so great! skipping ski-doos (?sp), making fun of my english, admitting that i was first on your list to the sisters because i'm your favorite, loving general conference, getting ready to go professional for Lax, AND getting ready for you mission! Christian i will miss you big time. 3.5 years is a really long time but i know it will be wonderful. I'll have to work extra on your bday gift :) I was planning on having a few weeks with you to shove all my favorite missionary discoveries at you and get you pumped just before going into the mtc. Either way you will be a wonderful missionary.

missionary work: it's moving forward and we love our investigators! Paco said he is starting to feel more ready for baptism. He's hilarious and we are always laughing with him but we have had some powerful lessons with him as well. The lessons are most powerful when we ask questions and they discover that they already have a testimony that it is true. We have also had a lot of positive experiences with member help. The members here are powerful examples and great fellowshippers. they make all the difference in the world. Janae and Steve keep up the great missionary work. It is so exciting to be a part of this work and the spirit testifies that it is true simply with the joy we feel after opening our mouths!

How i love you! sorry again for a short one but know that I think of you often! Hurrah for Israel!

All my love

Sister Burrup

Dear President Neider,

I LOVE being a missionary! The Lord has blessed us this week as always. Small blessings one after another but I know they are from the Lord. One blessing that i feel has been particular obvious is simple confidence and better understanding of how to teach investigators not lessons through the spirit. I truly love the members and the investigators here and i am determined to serve them more diligently. After watching some of the Preach My Gospel DVDs, Sister Oyanedel and I set a new goal to contact our branch president weekly. I think it will help us work better with the branch and gain their confidence. We are working hard and learning every day because, honestly, we still have much to learn. I'm excited for all that will come soon. I know that the Lord will help us because he loves the people here so much! Thank you president for sharing your testimony daily with us missionaries and working hard to help us be a successful mission. Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Burrup

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