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September 24, 2012

Dear Family,

Never be greedy or selfish because it comes back to bit you! :) This week Sister Oyanedel and i were cracking up because she and i both served ourselves a bowl of soup. We both like meat so we were both trying to get as much meat as possible. Come to find out later that was definitely NOT meat. it was pig ear. it really wasn't too bad. but it wasn't too good either.  So, Moral of the story: don't be greedy. We're in the US but being in a spanish branch we eat food from all parts. This sister is named Hermana Arango. She's from colombia and she has the greatest love the book of Mormon that i have ever seen. She reads it cover to cover about every other month. She's also hilarious. she calls us gorditas (i hope it's not super true.) and she always answers the door asking us where the wedding is because we look so nice in our dresses. We love Hermana Arango. We visit her every week because we love her and as assignment from the branch president. She is in her 80s and very sick so she often can't come to church. 

Other news, Ethel and Cristian moved. We went to do a lesson with them and they didn't really have time because of packing so we helped them pack then we sang a hymn to them and gave them a gift of "the living christ" and "the proclamation to the world" along with all the information for the spanish branch in Georgia. We will miss them but i'm excited to see what happens in the future. We are also working with someone named Paco. He is in a part-member family and has already had a baptismal date but he says he isn't ready anymore. our apppointment was canceled this week because he got sick. yes, it's a bummer BUT  it was also an answer to our prayers. We've been trying to find ways to serve him and we finally found one! He's a big joker so we wanted to do something that would make him laugh so we wrote our own 10 commandments based on the few jokes that have come up from lesson to lesson. We hope he is willing to make covenants because he is certainly prepared.  

Well, family, the work is moving forward here and we truly love it here. I'm already starting to panic about the fact that someday i have to leave this area. The Lord has blessed us a lot. We have many people to teach right now and many members needing visits as well. We are staying optimistic and working hard. Sister Oyanedel's favorit quote is, "work like everyone depends on you, and pray as if everything depends on the Lord." She says it a lot. Earlier this week we had a bit of a downer morning with canceled appointments, disappointments, and frustration. we recognized it right away and both said personal prayers. How prayer can change everything! we got back together to finish our studies and everything was more effective, energized, and loving. The power of prayer truly is great and the knowledge that we can pray directly to him is a blessing! 

I'm glad you are all doing well and better than last week. Sounds like maybe a rougher week for the whole family but that means it will only get better, right?! Steve, thanks for writing every week. i've been impressed. Whoever you end up working for will be lucky to have you. i'm excited to find out more. Christian, I'm glad you are enjoying seminary. I've fallen back on my New testament studies quite a bit in the mission. you will need to understand it well. And thanks for sending me pictures. Your date looked like a cute girl. It was fun to see handsome smiling christian again. i miss you and think of you often and the missionary you will soon be. Keep preparing and keep working hard in school. don't get senioritis. it's not worth it! :) remember your dependence on the lord and on dad/mom. We all need them a lot and will continue to need them for a long time. Sure love you and thanks for the details! Kirsten, sounds like a crazy week. thanks for the update on baby stuff. we're praying for you. Thanks again family for you support. i think of each of you individually and i pray for you too! i appreciate your support and love! keep smiling and keep working. as mom says it, "life aint for whimps, is it?" but everything is so worth it when it comes to an end. Until next week, Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Burrup

ps- thanks Cyntha and Elder tingey for the letters! rumor has it that i might get the chance to go to lunch with cyntha....rumor has it :)

Dear President Neider,

Another good week! I feel like i start my letters the same every time but it's true. With district meeting, interviews, a temple trip, and a fireside it has been a busy and good week. As I mentioned in the interview we had many many appointments canceled this week. It's disappointing when you spend the morning preparing to teach a lesson that you don't get the chance to give....and then it happens over and over and over again BUT we are not discouraged. Just disappointed. Sister Oyanedel took the week a little hard because of the many disappointments but she is so full of faith that it never lasts long and soon we are back at it and even stronger and more motivated.  We are considering doing splits soon so that we can get more people on board, members and investigators both!  I loved the prayer in the temple this last week. He prayed that all in the temple would be blessed according to their needs, faith, and God's will. It's so easy to forget one of those three requirements. In missionary work, there is a great need and i know it is God's will to bless the people here so now i need to continue building my faith.  President, thank you for your faith and thank your wife as well. At interviews we definitely walked away with renewed faith and and excitement for the miracles that are coming. We are truly blessed in this mission, in this area, in this branch, in this companionship. Prayer has helped me come to know how true that is and that i have EVERY reason to be happy and faithful. God be thanked!


Hermana Burrup

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