Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

My Dear Family!

I love good news and every week you seem to be so full of it...that is the good news :) It's true that a lot of people have moved but we are not discouraged! Jonny, i loved your mission story. I have faith that little by little our influence in this area can bless people. I might be the 50th missionary to talk to someone and they need 100 to actually get least they are one missionary closer to understanding. I'm simply committed to make sure that every interaction someone may have with us is a positive one so that they want us to come back or want to see us or at least stop running away from us. I'm not worried about numbers but the numbers are helpful in reaching goals and motivating us to be better. With 3 sisters, we will be doing more splits which will also help us contact more people in what little time we have. The word that always comes to mind is urgency. We have an urgent message and if we really feel that way, we will walk faster, have more energy, be more engaged, not spend too long at appointments, never leave the apartment late, we will be more successful because we will have more contact with others as we serve them genuinely, effectively, and efficiently.  We are starting to teach a new family, jorge y laura. Sister Oyanedel taught the restoration with them on saturday while sister dickson and i went to a baptism with Sister Caballero. Sister oyanedel is a powerful missionary because she is firm but also loving. i'm so blessed to be with her! Either way, we have some investigators that have been making progress. We dropped several this week that have been super flaky and we were dropped by a few others this week. We have goals set for the rest of the year. I was looking at the calendar and we are running out of weeks. Please pray that we may find those who are prepared. We have mission goals and i have faith that they can be met but we do need help!

In response to your letters: Mom, christmas to me just sounds like the best chance in the world to teach people! i'm excited for it to come closer because i know people will be more open. Really, though. i don't need or want anything at all. I'll think this week because maybe i can find a few members or investigators. Or if you'd like i can find out if there are a few missionaries that don't recieve anything. Kirsten, i couldn't see the pictures you sent but please try again. i want to see them. I also recieved your letter. thank you! Janae and steve, i'll be praying for you. the office missionaries showed us a picture of the hurricane. hope you are ok. way to be prepared with your 72 hour kits :) Mom, i'm so sad to hear that about sister hare's mother. Will you send me her address please? i'd love to send a small letter next week. About the stake, new callings, and dad....what news!? The Lord always qualifies His servants. What an opportunity you have Dad to meet with a general authority. I'm excited to hear more. Christian, sounds like you had an intense week! Lax sounds like it was way fun. send a picture my way. and GREAT job with your many friends and sharing the gospel! Sounds to me like you understand that you really don't have to do anything that big to be a missionary. Little things make the difference! I have been working on your birthday present :) Happy Birthday next week and know that i'm thinking of you and praying for you. When are you expecting to recieve your mission call? how are the papers? Your mission prep assignment this week is find scriptures in the Bible and Book of Mormon about authority! then you can email them to me and we'll both become better deal! sure love you! 

Thank you again family, you mean the world to me! Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Burrup

ps- happy halloween. almost forgot.
pss- Kirsten, any news on babies? Janae, are you still doing well? Nicole, keep you head up. you were the best mom and friend in provo for me. Your children will be so blessed to be a part of your family! :) i'm still praying for you!

Dear President Neider!

Being a trio is way too much fun especially with Sister Dickson! We are enthusiastic and happy to have her and honestly, we don't want her to go to Costra Rica...ever! :) Sister Dickson is starting to participate more. We also did splits on Saturday and i think we all had a positive experience. Sister Oyanedel said that she suddenly felt the responsibility of teaching clearly and correctly but felt led by the spirit in her words. Sister Oyanedel is an incredibly example to me of sincerity, humility and obedience specifically. We love having Sister Dickson here. She's energetic and has an incredibly positive attitude about everything. Personally, I've found it difficult to balance training the two.  All 3 of us could use the practice. I'm trying to serve them both and be an example. I pray daily that i can be a leader and example even with less experience. President, i truly love the Lord and i'm grateful to have the sacred opportunity to be a threesome of rookies together. We can feel the Lord's help. Thank you for your support and prayers. We also support and pray for you and your wife. Hurrah For Israel!

With Love

Sister Burrup

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