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October 22, 2012

Family Family,

I'm a winner! i get two companions! :) Sister Dickson arrived from the MTC on thursday. President called us this morning and asked Sister Oyanedel and I if we'd like a new companion. We're excited to have her here. She is from NY and she was actually in Bridget Ostler's MTC district. Bridget was one of my best friends at Helaman. What a small world! Either way, She's a lot of fun and now we are a trio. I attached a picture of her too. 

I also attached a picture of Paco. We've been teaching Paco for about 4 months now. He shared his testimony with us just last week. We were about to choose a new baptismal date together for before the end of the month but he told us he is moving on monday!!!!! I was trying hard to be optimistic. He found a good job in CA which really is good news but i'm so sad that we won't be seeing him. I'm not worried about me being the one to baptize him at all. I am not worried that he won't get baptized because he has expressed the desire himself but i'm bummed i won't be able to come back and visit or be at his baptism. Either way, i'm sure he will do/be great! 

Besides Paco, we are teaching a new family, Jorge y Laura. They are a cute little family of 4 and we are excited for them to start progressing and reading the book of Mormon. We also started teaching someone name Adela. she is working for a strictly catholic couple so we aren't allowed to go into the home. We have lessons at a park every saturday. She has a lot of faith but she is hesitant to change. Please pray for her that she can recognize the spirit and be willing to change. There are so many people that need the gospel but simply need humility to change. I am often impressed and touched by the sacrifices that many faithful people make to become members of the church and reap greater blessings from the atonement of Jesus Christ. Our training at our District meeting was about how to teach the Atonement with a baptismal commitment. It was focused on how absolutely nobody can reap the full blessings of the atonement without being baptized  Without baptism, the sacrament only helps you think about and remember our savior but after baptism, it becomes a weekly ordinance with renewed covenants and renewed cleanliness. The Sacrament is so vital to our progress and success in this life. We need The Saviors help!

Nicole, your brother is leaving so soon! that's very exciting! The best advice i recieved was to learn how the spirit communicates with you and just act! another little bit of advice is to invite every one to his farewell ESPECIALLY non-members! "The best way to prepare for a mission is to be a missionary now!" quote from...i think elder bednar. i learned that from him in the mission prep. class at institute. Christian, Austin....take advantage of the time you have to prepare. it really is small. Prepare for the temple and prepare to teach by studying thoroughly the lessons in Preach my Gospel!

Christian, you really could get called to the same mission. There is a sister here that served in the same branch as her brother. How Crazy but how cool would that be!? You will be a prepared and effective missionary as you practice exact obedience and discipline. Keep  it up. I have some stuff heading your way soon for your birthday! :) Maybe we can set up a personal mission prep email class :) For starters, next week will you tell me what you are doing to get ready for you mission? maybe some goals? I'm sad i won't get to see you but i'm excited for you to go and be a part of the work as well! 

I'm a mormon, i know it, i live it, and i love it! thanks for your examples and i will keep praying for you. Dad, when are your next scans? Dad, i'm sorry you had/have cancer but i'm grateful for the experiences and sacred experiences it has brought. maybe you got cancer so christian and i could be better missionaries :) Mom and Dad thank you for your love and examples since day 1. i don't know how or why God allowed me to be so blessed to be a part of this family but i thank him for it! :)

All my love,

Sister Burup

ps- HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIKE AND NATE THIS WEEK. Wish we could celebrate together! Mike thank you for keeping every moment fun and having a positive and faithful attitude no matter the circumstances. I love you! Little Naterade - you are so so big. Stop growing! I love you and take care of your parents :) love you nae and steve!

Dear President Neider,

4 of the families and investigators that we visit are moving! That's a lot! But the good news is that i'm sure a great referral to missionaries in California will answer somebody's prayers. either way, we are going to keep working hard even if it means just preparing people for later. It's all part of the same work! We are super excited to have Hermana Dickson here. I'm absolutely humbled to be with both of my companions. I am learning from them both. Having Sister Dickson here has already but new resolutions and changes. We are going to work towards doing splits so that we can get more accomplished and make sure that  Sister Dickson and Sister Oyanedel both have opportunities to study for, learn with, and teach investigators. President, I am so grateful to be a part of this work and this mission. i often feel undeserving of the many many blessings the Lord pours out on us. I KNOW He is aware and that these blessings come from Him. Thank you for your example and thank you for this opportunity. It's a great blessing to be under inspired leaders! 


Sister Burrup

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